Enabling Adobe Flash Player

4.2 – Enabling Adobe Flash Player Support in Internet Explorer

One thing to note with Windows Server 2016 is that by
default, Adobe Flash
Player does not work with Internet Explorer. As with Windows
10, Server 2016 is Windows NT10.0 (in this
case 10.0.14393 to be precise…(sorry!))
, so
Adobe’s Website actually thinks that you are running Windows
10 and doesn’t let you dowload it. The website simply suggests
you may have a problem (helpful…).

Basically it boils down to the fact that it does not come
pre-installed on Windows Server
2016, meaning you have to maually enable it using the Command Prompt and a tool called DISM(Deployment
Image Servicing and Management)
. The source files are
already included in the Windows install so you don’t even
need to find the installation media.

1) When you try to use a website that requires Adobe Flash, you’ll probably
see something like the following:

Flash is Required

2) When you check with Adobe Flash’s web page – it doesn’t
give you the opportunity to download the program, more so it
just tells you there’s an error as explained above.

Flash Issue

3) There is no option in Server Manager or even a GUI to install
Adobe Flash, so we will need to use the Command Prompt and DISM to do it manually.

Right click the “Start Menu
and choose “Command Prompt (Admin)(If
you do not do this as an admin it will give you an access
is denied error at the next step and you will be unable to continue)

Command Prompt as Admin

4) You can either type the below command, or you can download and run the script provided at the end of
this page.
Make sure the following command is typed all on one line, including the quotes:

dism /online /add-package

When it says “The operation completed succesfully
you can close the
Command Prompt:


5) If Internet Explorer is open, you may need to close it
and re-open.

Once open, you can again test Adobe Flash Player and all should work properly. To double check, you can go to

Adobe Flash Player’s web page
, click “Test Flash Player” and the animation of the tree with moving clouds (very unique!) will play.

Flash now Works

To install Flash Automatically, download and extract the following ZIP file here.
You mst extract the ZIP file to a temporary location (i.e. “C:\Temp”). Right click the extracted “addFlashPlayer.cmd
and choose “Run as Administrator“.
Press any key to complete.

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