User Account Name

1.6 – User Account Name

By default, once Windows Server 2016 is installed, you are
automatically logged in using the local “Administrator”
account. Whilst this is not a problem, some people want
their username to be something more personal (i.e. “Bob” or

When you setup Windows 10, you create a new account as part
of the install. This is an administrative account by default
as the build in “Administrator” account is automatically

You can’t rename the built in Administrator account on
Windows using the usual settings app, so you have to dig
a bit deeper. Even if you create a new account, your
Administrator account will still be visible on the login

1) As you can see, “Administrator” is the default username
when you boot up Windows Server 2016:

Default logon screen

2) Right click on the Start Button and click “Run“:

Right click Start Menu and click Run

3) Type “lusrmgr.msc
and hit Enter:

Type "LUSRMGR.MSC" into Run Box

4) Expand “Users“:

Expand Users

5) Right click on “Administrator” and
choose “Rename“:

Rename Administrator

6) Enter a new username (i.e. Joe Bloggs):


7) Log off and your name has changed.


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