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Welcome to the WindowsWorkstation.com Project


Welcome to Windows Workstation, a community driven guide to convert Microsoft Windows Server operating systems into recognisable day-to-day Windows Desktops.

When Windows Server is converted to a workstation, the performance can actually beat that of the client edition – however the initial setup can take some time, so we have hopefully made it nice and easy.

Of course Windows Server 2019 is here and the blog looks a bit bare. Does anybody fancy the challenge of expanding the blog and adding the all needed guides? Get in touch via comments below of message us on our Facebook page!

Please check out our guides below:

2 Responses

  1. Dylan says:

    The fourm link has stopped working.

    • pauljrowland says:

      Hi Dylan I’m afraid to say there has been an issue with one of our web servers. This is being looked at and the forum will be back online soon.

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