Fine-Tuning Services

To make Windows Server 2008 as fast as possible you also need to do some Windows Services fine-tuning. Below is a table with a list of all services on a clean Windows Server 2008 Enterprise machine. This list is quite the same as the list of services in other editions of Windows Server 2008. If you have any additions/corrections to this list, site please leave a Comment with a description why you can tweak the service and when you might need it.

To edit the Startup Type of services do the following:
1. Open the Start menu, click Run, enter services.msc and click OK.
2. Right click the Service name and choose Properties.
3. Choose the value you want from the Startup type dropdown and click OK to save the setting.

[table id=4 /]

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18 Responses

  1. Mitzi New says:

    I was extremely encouraged to find this internet site. I desired to thank you for this special study. I surely savored every little little bit of it including the many comments and that i have you bookmarked to test out new stuff you put up.

  2. Ryan says:

    Ok so I disabled stuff that was in the safe collumn and now I can’t connect to FTP sites in windows explorer 🙁 I am very unhappy with your “safe startup type” configuration

    Arris: I don’t think this can be the problem because FTP is just some plain-text protocol that doesn’t require any cryptographic services or anything else. Try setting all service-settings to the values in the Default column; I expect you ‘ll still have the problem.

  3. accurate specification of the above would be “Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)” or “imgsvc” for short

    Arris: Updated the table, thanks for your comment! 🙂

  4. windows image acquisition has to be turned on if you hava digital camera (or a scanner) and want to be able to get images from your device

  5. James says:

    Following this list made my computer’s boot time extend to about 5-10 minutes from a normal ~30 seconds. I didn’t bother to divide and conquer as I was considering to figure out the culprit service but Cryptographic Services sounds like it may have been the issue. Delaying the start of this probably presented a problem on my Dell laptop. I have since reverted the changes and it is back to normal.

    Can I also add that there is not really much point to this. The gains are minimal, the fact that most people tech savvy enough to tinker here would know about sleep/hibernate, the fact that these services use very little resources during a user’s session, and the fact that it can easily cause problems as what happened to me.

    The only services you should be tinkering with are things like the Windows Firewall if you use a 3rd party one and others that are more “features” than “services” such as Indexing.

  6. Mur says:

    my windows firewall will not let me delay start

    Arris: Thanks for your comment, you are right so I updated the table!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’d say enable Diagnostic Policy Service as it can forewarn disk failure based on SMART report.

    Arris: Thanks for your comment; updated the description.

  8. David Balažic says:

    Once I tried to disable almost half of default services onWin2008.
    The boot time was not shorter by even a single second.
    Are you sure there is any speed gain by disabling the above services ?
    Did anyone measure the gains ?


    Arris: Some people say it’s useless, others say it speeds up your system. Personally I do it to clean up the list of running services a bit and to possibly gain some performance improvement.

  9. aviv00 says:

    with vlite 1.2 u could

    or look for reg in speedyvista website


  10. JustK says:

    Anyway to automate these tunings ?

  11. aviv00 says:

    if i disabled Distributed Transaction Coordinator

    i need KtmRm for Distributed Transaction Coordinator ?

    Arris: Updated the table.

  12. MarcelDevG says:

    Remote Registry is needed for sure by some .net programs when the are using remoting and maybe with wcf.

  13. aviv00 says:

    IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules not needed as far as i know

  14. anon says:

    Remote registry is reguired for some corporate antivirus (trend at least)

  15. Selectaa says:

    You’ve written that the Remote Registry service is only used for “Is only needed if you want to access the computers registry from an other computer.”. I’ve experienced that certain programs won’t install (or maybe even run, can’t remember) unless this service is running. Probably some bad programming, but it was a pain in the *ss to troubleshoot! So be aware if you disable this service.

  16. anon says:

    Telephony is required for software VPN connections.

    Arris: Thanks for your reply; changed the ‘Tweaked Startup Type’ into ‘Manual’ because quite a lot people will use VPN.

  17. aviv00 says:

    here my list

    AELOOKUPSVC = Automatic (Delayed Start)
    CRYPTSVC = Automatic (Delayed Start)
    DPS = Automatic (Delayed Start)
    EVENTSYSTEM = Automatic (Delayed Start)
    IKEEXT = Manual
    LANMANSERVER = Automatic (Delayed Start)
    MPSSVC = Manual
    NLASVC = Automatic (Delayed Start)
    NSI = Automatic (Delayed Start)
    QWAVE = Automatic (Delayed Start)
    SECLOGON = Automatic (Delayed Start)
    SLUINOTIFY = Disabled
    TERMSERVICE = Automatic (Delayed Start)
    THEMES = Automatic
    TRKWKS = Automatic (Delayed Start)
    WINMGMT = Automatic (Delayed Start)
    WUAUSERV = Disabled

    changing it to Automatic (Delayed Start) maybe boost the startup

  18. IceDevil says:

    great, this is new isn’t it

    will try it and give a feedback

    thanks a lot…greetZ IceDevil

    Admin: That’s right, just added it yesterday. 😉

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