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To get your joystick/steering wheel or other game controllers working and to configure them in Windows Server 2008, you first have to get the Game Controllers item in the Control Panel.

1. To get the Game Controllers item in your Control Panel download from Mirrorcreator if you are using the x86 version of Windows or from Mirrorcreator if you are using the x64 version. These files are taken from respectively a clean installation of Windows Vista Ultimate x86 and Windows Vista Ultimate x64. The .cpl files of Windows Vista don’t work.

2. Right click or and choose Extract All in the context menu. Choose as destination C:Windows and optionally uncheck Show extracted files when complete. Click Extract and choose Yes when asked if you want to merge the System32 (and SysWOW64 in x64) folder.

3. In the Start menu click Control Panel.

– If you use the Modern View, click the Hardware and Sound section and choose Set up USB game controllers.

– If you use the Classic View, doubleclick the Game Controllers icon.

4. Configure your game controller and play!

Thanks to microslav for this nice trick and Mark for the files!

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20 Responses

  1. Woot says:

    Thank you for this. Been trying to get my ForceFeedback2 working with WHS2011 and THIS finally did it. Thanks!

  2. Ronald says:

    Thanks man, you helped me out once again!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I used on 2008 R2.
    .cpl files is working.

  4. Almaazon says:

    I will test it.

  5. Guest says:
    i’ve uploaded joy.clp’s from Windows 7 x64.

    It works great on Server 2008 R2.

  6. Okey Oyunu says:

    thank you for this article. this blog is very good. wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Fernando says:


  8. torrence says:

    I followed step 1-3 but I still don’t have a game controller icon in my control panel.

  9. torrence says:

    Say, um Mark4Dead/DayToDie, I’ve dl the driver you listed, so how do install it, a different way or the by method listed up above?

  10. Alex says:

    When I install the xbox360 controller i noticed it doesn’t get detected in fifa09. On further investigation i noticed that in the device manager it does not get listed un sound, video and game controllers.

    Instead it gets listed under “@%Systemroot%system32XInput9_1_0.dll,-1000”

    What have I done wrong? Is there anyway to fix this?

    Arris: I don’t own a Xbox 360 nor I am aware of a solution. I suggest to post your question at the Forums.

  11. John says:

    I installed my Logitech G25 steering wheel on Server 2008 x64 by downloading the Wingman Vista 64-bit drivers from logitech and installing it. It detected my wheel correctly and lets me configure everything (rotation, feedback settings, etc.), without having installed the control panel software. Which makes sense since it’s basically an alternative control panel.

    Now that I’m trying to get a joypad working though, I think it’s time to add the windows control panel in.

  12. Flexer says:

    Hey guys,

    I installed my gamepad, and it found the drivers.. The game controller panel is nice, and is working, but there’s nothing about feedback in there (in XP I can see a separate tab to see and adjust the feedback force)..

    Did I miss something?

  13. GULIDRECK says:

    Thx for answers :=) – i have nearly read all sides here – and mean’d mostly wouldnt work from vista in s2k8 – so sorry for a smal mistake. but now have understand. thx all alot

  14. Mark4Dead/DayToDie says:

    Admin, I finally get the Game Controller from Vista to work.

    Download Vista Game Controller x86: or

    Download Vista Game Controller x64: or

    Admin: Nice job again Mark! Now we can have the real Vista Game Controllers control panel in stead of the one copied from Windows XP! Urls updated, only have to add the two mirrors.

  15. micro87 says:


    Just go inside the folder “C:Program Files(x86)Windows Sidebar” in windows vista and copy the language-folder to the same place in Windows Server 2008. Works for me and I’m from sweden so my language-folder is called sv-se. I have installed the swedish language pack for Windows Server 2008 so that could be needed also.

  16. GULIDRECK says:

    Hello Admin,

    first i will thx you for this very much works and helpfull webside!
    hope you will do them ever and if i can will help also.

    i have a wish for your wish list: is it possible to make all infos with some also available in other languages?? i mean
    the content in this files example: Windows Sidebar coz the files in
    it are all for english users of english windows systems ok but i am
    a german and search the same but in german language – and dont found

    best wishes and regards from germany :=)

    Admin: Thanks for the compliments! ๐Ÿ™‚ You can copy the de-DE or any other language (list of culture names) files from a Windows Vista in your language.

  17. Steven says:

    You should get the files from Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Vista SP1 (x64).

    Admin: I wish I could, because when you use the files from Windows Vista and open the item in the Control Panel, nothing shows up! :-/ So I see this as an acceptable workaround.

  18. microslav says:

    u realy, realy not need x64 joy.cpl. generaly this stuff need only once, when u calibrate joystick. on x64 server one and only working joy.cpl is from windows xp (home or professional 32 bit edition).

    Admin: I just took the files literally from a clean Windows XP Virtual Machine, and in the x64 edition there were two different joy.cpl files… You are right that you only need 1 joy.cpl in your system32 folder. (no matter which architecture) ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Ponzonik says:

    Hi. First, thanks for all of the work in this site.
    I tried the correct x64 file to get the joystick going with no luck. Is there anything else we could do to get it to work?

  20. EarthQ says:

    I have tried using CPLs from Vista DVD and do not work.
    Are provided CPLs hacked somehow?

    Admin: Added the source of the .cpl files to the article (Win XP). I got this tip from this topic on the forum (author microslav).

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