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For our spare time we want to use Windows Server 2008 to play games and have fun! On this page games that work and don’t work are listed. If you have a game that is not listed on this page, please leave a comment so I can add it to the list of (non)working games. More games can be found at the forum.

If games won’t install because the installation says your Operating System is not supported, the article Installing Unreal Tournament 3 might help you. If you have problems with crashing games or applications take a look at the Disable Data Execution Prevention article. When you get the message gameux.dll is missing, read the tutorial Missing gameux.dll. When having errors about a missing xinput9_1_0.dll read the Missing xinput9_1_0.dll article. file If you are getting errors about a DirectX version that is needed to run the game, follow the dmusic.inf article. To get your Game Controller working read the Game Controllers tutorial! If you want the Vista Game Explorer back, use the Game Explorer for Win2k8 installer made by

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339 Responses

  1. tareef says:

    tomb raider angel of darkness unable to install installshield scripting run time the solve is not mentioned

  2. Zulgrib says:


    Bejeweled 3 works perfectly without any compatibility mode

    Tested on a Win serv 2k8r2 Entreprise with

    nvidia gtx-610 (Win7 drivers)

    Game on !

  3. Koueck says:

    Battlefield 3 works perfectly with Origin program.

  4. Saku says:

    Does LoL work?

    Arris: According to this comment it works on Window Server 2008 R2 so I assume it will also work without any problems on the non-R2 Server version. 🙂

  5. Al says:

    Dekaron is one game that is not loading. Get a crash right away. Tried Disable DEP but did not fix.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I receive a 504 Gateway Timeout error when I view this website. This sometimes means the host did not receive a response. I figured yuo may like to know. Regards Brian

    Arris: Thanks for notifying, I’ll keep an eye on it.

  7. Lunatik says:

    I have a problem with lineage 2 on winserv 2008. It starts fine, it’s just that I don’t see the characters written on the buttons. Works fine though, on my dualboot winxp.

    please send me a solution at [email protected] !

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have a problem with lineage 2 on winserv 2008. It starts fine, it’s just that I don’t see the characters written on the buttons. Works fine though, on my dualboot winxp.

  9. Guest says:

    Fate/Stay night, Fate/Hollow Ataraxia and Tsukihime (maybe, also Plus+Disk) are working like under Vista/7.

  10. Sukuremu says:

    Age of Empires On-line works, but you need to run it as Administrator, other case it will show blank explorer.exe error. Just in case, i instaled all game fix’s except Xbox controllers.

  11. ssen says:

    Crysis and Crysis warhead both work, smoothly as well.
    Team fortress 2 is functional and smooth,
    The entire overlord series runs beautifully,
    Minecraft is a dream to play,
    and Audiosurf and Defense Grid: The Awakening work.

  12. S1Niz7el2 says:

    I received the “Operating System not supported” error when trying to install quake 3 onto win 2008 64 bit server on Intel Dual Xeon Server Board. Quake 3 does not have an msi so orca was not an option. Quake installed fine on Win 2008 32 bit version but not on 64 bit. I was able to fix the problem by right clicking the setup.exe….and in the properties….in “compatability”…i chose “run as windows xp service pack 2”. Everything installed fine. Hope this helps.

    Arris: Thanks for your comment, I’m sure this will help people who want to play Quake 3 on Windows Server 🙂

  13. Noi says:

    Minecraft, ( is confirmed for working via it’s alpha .exe file.

  14. defence games says:

    I like Heroes Of Might and Magic V myself!

  15. White-Fang says:


    (all of this list i run as admin, Disable DEP install, gameux.dll and install directx from DirectX Software Development Kit)

    Krush kill ‘n Destroy 2 : Krossfire (Thai edition)
    Special Force ( (thai edition of soldier front online fps game)
    Heroes of Might and Magic V
    Heroes of Might and Magic V : Hammers of Fate
    Heroes of Might and Magic V : Tribes of the East

  16. mohmed says:

    i need rogram file haker or scamar in conqueronline sind in my yahoo

  17. Blondu says:

    C’mon you use a Server OS for gaming? why whould you do that?

    Arris: That question makes sense. 🙂 Read this page for the answer! 😉

  18. IDNoise says:

    Dark Void works

  19. Karl says:

    I’m currently using Windows Server 2008 R2 RC (haven’t gotten around to installing RTM version yet, although I have a key from DreamSpark ready to go). I’ve not had many problems so far, although DiRT doesn’t work properly for me, my specs are as follows:

    * Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 3.7Ghz
    * Nvidia GTX 275
    * 4GB RAM

    I think you’ll agree it should work 100% fine. This game was working completely at max settings in Windows 7, but in this OS, it lags along ridiculously. You might want to add it to the non compatible list as it isn’t playable. I have been able to play plenty of other games with no lag and I do NOT have Hyper V installed. I’ve tried compatibility mode, but it still doesn’t want to work properly and no amount of changing settings up or down solves the issue. It even lags at the intro video. Obviously caused by a program issue, rather than a graphics related problem.

    PS: I also posted this on the other games list. If anyone has a solution (ie, to stop the lag, as the game launches and runs fine apart from that) please do tell me.

  20. Indred says:


    Dragon Age: Origins
    Aquanox 2: Revelation
    Stronghold Deluxe
    Capitalism 2

    not working (at least for me):

    Worms Armageddon

  21. gridreaper says:

    Arcanum works fine.

  22. MAFRI says:


    stalker soc
    stalker cs
    command & conquer tiberum wars 3
    operation flashpoint dr
    all steam apps

  23. White Glint says:

    Majesty 2 (Paradox interactive) Installed and works fine

  24. davidude says:


    Mini Ninjas

  25. Lone_Foxx says:


    Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Red Faction Guerrilla

    Resident Evil 5

  26. thomas says:


    I’m not able to run either NFS Underground or Underground 2.
    I have Windows 2008 Server R2. Is there any special trick that i need to do. Please advise

    System: Inter Core 2 Duo 7500, 2 GB Ram, 128 MB Nvidia NVS 140M

    Arris: What exactly is the error message you get when trying to start the game? Telling this will allow people to help you better.

  27. Lone_Foxx says:


    FEAR 2: Reborn DLC

    Section 8

  28. Shaun says:

    I was suppose to mention Age Of Empires 3 on Win 2008 Server 64 bit.

  29. Shaun says:

    I got Age of empires working, by just installing the right vista 64 bit nvidia drivers on my windows 2008 Enterprise server install. No problems.

  30. zóing says:

    Starcraft works just fine. Installed the latest patch, and it works, very, but very well. How can a game so old, run so well in a modern OS?
    I’m playing it in Windows Server 2008 Standard x64 version.

  31. Lone_Foxx says:


    Wolfenstein (2009)

  32. joe says:

    found compatibility mode but running in windows xp sp 2 does nothing. game doc. suggests running it as administrator for Vista/ win 7, still nothing.

  33. joe says:

    Can’t get Blood Bowl to play. Game released by Cyanide –>, unknown error & doesn’t appear to have a compatibility option.


  34. Lone_Foxx says:


    Bionic Commando

  35. kevin says:

    has anyone tried guitar hero world tour on server 2k8 (64 bit vers)?

    every time i try to install it, the progress bar gets right to the end then rolls everything back and says “the installation was interrupted before it could be completed”


  36. sam says:

    PES 2009 works just fine

  37. Lone_Foxx says:


    ARMA 2


  38. Istap says:

    Does anyone know if Aion is supported? It is still in the Beta, and will be released in September. Thanks!

    (Full name is “Aion: The Tower of Eternity”)

  39. Spyros V says:

    I needed to install Games For Windows Live in order to play Street Fighter IV (which return “failed to locate xlive.dll”), but the installer located HERE , failed constantly, returning “Error something.. xLiveRedist.msi something”.
    Somebody commented somewhere that one should use universal extractor (google it) and get the files from the archive but did not include further instructions.

    Download games for windows live redistributable
    Download universal extractor
    Using universal extractor on the executable of games for windows live, extract it somewhere
    go there (!) and open the pkg folder
    use universal extractor and extract the file named “xLiveRedist.msi” and go into the newly created directory xLiveRedist
    in there, just double click and instal xLiveRedist.msi (this one is different from the one mentioned in the previous step!!)
    Especially for Street Fighter 4 as mentioned here before, use Compatibility mode for windows XP SP2

    Arris: Thanks for this good explanation!

  40. Leandro N. Hoshiko says:

    The Sims 3 is working without problems.

  41. Lone_Foxx says:


    Call of Juarez 2 – Bound In Blood


    Street Fighter IV (needed XP compatibility mode)

  42. Jeieli says:

    Fifa 09 is compatible with server 2008?

    Arris: I expect it is, but you can try/report it! 🙂

  43. Jeieli says:

    And the need for speed undercover is compatible with server 2008?

  44. Lone_Foxx says:



  45. Anonymous says:

    wxmsw262u_vc80 dll

  46. Favero says:

    Battlefield Hereos works… though it does lock up sometimes. Could be my video drivers.

  47. Lone_Foxx says:



    Terminator Salvation

  48. Jake says:

    Warhammer: Dawn of War II worked just fine for me. I had to deal with running it through Steam, but I had no issues with it other than a single crash one time and that’s pretty much to be expected with any Windows app…

  49. Sou1forged says:

    If you’re referring to the DS2 fix, I’ve already done that, and DS2 works for me. However, DS & DS:LoA still won’t work. It keeps giving me error messages, and then a prompt to input the game CD, but that same disc is already inputted.

  50. Sou1forged says:

    …and they crash if I ignore the message and continue.

  51. Sou1forged says:

    Dungeon Siege & Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna won’t run on this OS. When I try to start the game a popup message saying there is compability issues appears. I tried setting the game into compability mode, but that had no effect whatsoever.

  52. Mysteriouz says:

    Just installed Commandos 2: Men of courage witch latest patch integrated.
    The game plays but no intro movie.

  53. Lone_Foxx says:



    Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

    Velvet Assassin

    Zeno Clash

  54. GULIDRECK says:

    Sort function works fine ~ (I am still working in background on some handy tools to make installations of alot from your infos faster/automatic atm by clicking directly after installation of server 2008 ~ more infos after some are finished and tests working well!)

    Arris BIG THX :=))

    Regards from Germany

    Arris: You ‘re welcome! 🙂

  55. Rudolf says:

    the installer has failed to register wid game xplorer..

    ny one who can help me out thnax…

  56. SmokingRope says:

    Unreal 2: The Awakening – I have had no luck getting this to run using the steam version. Anyone else tried it?

  57. Dandude says:

    The Chronicles of Riddick – Escape From Butcher Bay:
    will run after applying patch 1.1 and using a cracked executable, but the game will only not run the “AM64” executable
    Server 2008 Standard 64 bit

  58. GULIDRECK says:

    Hello Admin, i am again

    I have the Logitech G15 Gameing Keyboard (Blue Backlight) in use with the latest Software v3.01.180 Releasedate 2009.01.05 from Logitech. They works well atm without problems… on WS2K8 DataCenter SP1 x86 32Bit (Download Vista Variant) ~ Installation also works fine without any problems!

    I wrote u this coz the last Logitech Software for this Keyboard has alot problems with Servers! Logitech installer has stoped on all servers! Sure i have then tryed it with Orca Software but the result wasnt good so i used a other way and this works for all languages and with a clean and perfect installation too…

    BUT now with last Release from Logitech G15 works free on all Servers also on S2K3 Enterprise x86 32Bit without any problems…

    I hope u find this information usefull coz it isnt normal that it runs prefectly with Servers especialy with the NEW (WS2K8) ones :=)

    Regards from Germany
    (hope info is usefully enough to find a place in ur lists)

  59. GULIDRECK says:

    Sorry plz add to my text before: i used the game only with WS2K8 DataCenter SP1 x86 32Bit (64Bit i dont know)
    atm i have only 32Bit maschines… thx


  60. GULIDRECK says:

    Hi Admin, nice to see, that ur side works well and some features are also more :=)
    I can give U again a realy big THX for ur big works!

    I am atm do work on some WS2K8-DC-SP1 installations also with converting to workstation and i try some diffrent new thinks.
    If i found some news i send it U here first be sure!

    I have a small wish for the game ur gamelist – when u have time – sort them in alpha-order – thx alot

    Now i have also a game for u list ~ i have used search and dont found it ~ so i think u need them also

    WarRock / War Rock is an FREE online FPShooter like Battlefield 2 and CounterStrike in one…

    Webpage is: ~OR~

    This Game runs well without problems unter WS2K8 DataCenter SP1
    I have played a long time with it…

    Regards from Germany

    Arris: I’m glad to hear you like using Win2008Workstation! Thanks for your feedback: I added your game to the compatibility list. About the wish: you can sort the games alphabetically yourself by clicking the column headers. I might add a line of script that will to that click at the pageload automatically, but for now you can order it yourself! 😉

  61. Tuxic says:

    hey, I’ve just bought sacred 2
    I’m actually on version 2.12, and at firts it didn’t want to work on windows server 64bit. The solution is to go to the place where you installed it and put the /system/sacred2.exe in windows xp compatibility mode. Runs perfectly after that 🙂

    have a nice day

  62. superhpman says:

    Install went perfect, update went perfect. Gameplay is better than perfect.

  63. Chris says:

    Any further information on Flight Sim X? I’ve been battling with it for awhile, got the Free Flight to work but no Flight Planning

  64. Dandude says:

    Update on BG&E: leaving the SideBar on will cause even more graphical glitches

  65. exaslave says:

    Silent Hill: Homecoming (2008 x64)

    Installed without a problem plays fine. I get some random pauses in game however it seems this is caused by the game itself and happens sometimes on other OSes.

  66. nManJofo says:

    I’ve tried Unreal Tournament 99 using Zeckensacks Glide Wrapper 0.84c and it worked just perfectly on Win2008 x64 (and Radeon Mobility HD 3470)

  67. Lone_Foxx says:

    @Frost about Gears of War,

    There is a new update that was just released that had something to do with the .EXE going out of date as it was labeled incorrectly called:
    GearsPC_TU3_Microsoft.exe, so you should locate that.

  68. Lone_Foxx says:


    Wanted: Weapons of Fate


  69. Frost says:

    Anyone can give me instructions about Gears of War? I have gameux.dll in position DEP is turned off, I tried to run as Administrator but I always get the same error:
    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: Startup.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 475891b7
    Fault Module Name: ~df394b.tmp
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 43060073
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 00083c9c
    OS Version: 6.0.6001.
    Locale ID: 1038
    Additional Information 1: fd76
    Additional Information 2: 799e3fad8d70c9282bcb1890cb2c076a
    Additional Information 3: 73b3
    Additional Information 4: 3a29c183c045c509115dcf5b67f734a4
    I’ve tried to install patches, also installed the Live update but these makes no difference. On other sites people said I should copy the Vitality Crack :O. I was worried a little, because I have bought the retail game, but I’ve tried it. Well the game started but it crashes after 2-5minutes. It just stops responding.
    Anyone who tired can tell me how to start it on Serv2008 Enterprise?

  70. Dandude says:

    Beyond Good & Evil Steam version running on Server 2008 64 bit Standard

    Works fine except for some graphical glitches. Recommend no using AA and if need be, disabling glare effects.

  71. Gaz says:

    warhammer online works fine, no tweaks, just install and go. Enterprise x86 SP1

  72. gaz says:

    radio stutter on fallout 3 is normal

  73. exaslave says:

    Fallout 3: Didnt create group on start menu. I seem to be getting some stuttering music from the radio in, not sure if this is specific to me however i noticed when alt+tab it sounds just fine so it could be some priority thing, i do have the SystemResponsiveness key and enabled audio acceleration just like the guide. Other than that minor problem it seems to be just fine.

    Mass Effect: Works great, on installation it didnt create start menu items but minor problem.

  74. Lone_Foxx says:


    Dark Sector

    Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X.

  75. Sneglen says:

    Worms World Party works, although I sometimes had some issues regarding video – every now and then it would load with a skewed colorscheme (read: phsycedelic colors). I’m thinking driverissue. It might help to start in compatibility mode?

    8GB Mushkin
    4870×2 @ Catalyst 9.3
    W2008Std 64-bit

  76. Erick says:

    With Freestyle online i get hackshield error

    with NFS Underground i ger blue screens

  77. Erick says:

    need help for Freestyle Online and need for speed underground ^_^ tnx

  78. JW says:

    Empire Total War (DVD) works on 2008 x64. I should note that I had already made the xinput, gameux and some of the other mods listed here first. You might need to install Steam first, then wait an hour or two for the Steam updates before attempting to install ETW. Steam issue, not Windows 2008. I kept getting a “can’t read script” error just trying to run the setup/autoinstaller. Afterwards, it installs and plays beautifully. Great game…

  79. matt says:

    still waiting for a pc version of Twisted Metal besides Playstation emulators 😉

  80. e says:

    LEGO Indiana Jones works under Server 2008 Enterprise 64. 🙂

  81. Anonymous says:

    Anyone tried America’s Army 2.8.4?

  82. grC says:

    Hi Arri,
    The exact error I get right before the race is about to start is:
    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: DiRT.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 36d67d2b
    Fault Module Name: DiRT.exe
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 36d67d2b
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 005622a0
    OS Version: 6.0.6001.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: fd00
    Additional Information 2: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160
    Additional Information 3: fd00
    Additional Information 4: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160

    Arris: The exception code is c0000005 so possibly you haven’t followed this tutorial.

  83. Lone_Foxx says:



  84. I was having problems getting X3: Terran Conflict to run as I received a “File not found. x3config.” error.

    In response I downloaded and installed the DirectX SDK and now it runs fine.

    I believe that the specific problem was to do with the missing xinput9 dll but I haven’t tested that specific idea.

    Link to my thread on the egosoft forums:

    Link to Miscroft DirectX SDK:

    Arris: Thanks for your research/solution! In stead of installing the full Microsoft DirectX SDK you can also try if just following the Missing xinput9_1_0.dll tutorial works fine.

  85. Silverhawk says:

    I am trying to run Need For Speed-Most Wanted On WINDOWS SERVER 2003.

    The game is not working.

    When I run the game its giving no messages nor any error. Its happening nothing.

    Can anyone help me in this regard.

    -Thank You.

    Arris: Maybe you can find out what the problem is using Sysinternals Process Monitor. For more info search the forum.

  86. nikko says:

    I try to install C&C3:Kanes Wrath, but every time I start the installer i got his error message “Error 1719.Windows Installer Service Could not be accessed.”

    Arris: If you search the internet you see that re-registering Windows Installer might solve this problem: execute the following two commands:
    msiexec /unreg
    msiexec /regserver

  87. grC says:

    Has anyone succeed in playing DiRT?
    It installs fine for me and everything.. You can change the settings chose a game type but just before the race is about to begin, the screen goes black and I get an error!
    Anyone getting the same thing?

    Arris: It’s helpful when you post the exact error you get. Btw: on my Server 2008 x64 the game runs without any problem.

  88. Lone_Foxx says:


    Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason (English)

    F.E.A.R. – Perseus Mandate Expansion

  89. leWaffle says:

    Dawn of War 2 works, crashes constantly with 187 undefined error. But never during mission and auto save picks up progress.

  90. Lone_Foxx says:


    F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin (not the demo)

    ShellShock 2: Blood Trails (no issues here)

  91. schwanzus_longus :) says:

    hi Curious_one,

    change from setup.exe the compatibility mode to winxp, and now, no more error 🙂

  92. Curious_one says:

    Shellshock 2 doesn’t install. Keep gettin failed to register with game explorer. tried the Game explorer workaround posted here, but still it doesn’t work.

  93. Lone_Foxx says:


    Condemned: Criminal Origins

    Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box (full install, zero problems)

    Arris: Hey Lone_Foxx, thanks for this and all your other submissions! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  94. grC says:

    Can someone make the EVGA GPU Voltage Tuner v.1.0 work for Server 08?
    Currently I get an error that I don’t have any of their supported O/S (XP, Vista) installed!

    Arris: Downloaded and ran EGVT_Setup_10.exe, and when the Error message appeared I went to the temp directory (%tmp%) from where I copied the “EVGA GPU Voltage Tuner.msi” to my desktop. After that I fired up Orca MSI Editor and edited the .msi described in the Patching .msi installers tutorial. After saving it installed fine! Download modified .msi: RapidShare | 4shared.

  95. Agit says:

    Burnout Paradise Demo -> Works fine on x64.

  96. Arjunas says:

    Blazing Angels on Steam

    I purchased Blazing Angels 1 via Steam and was bitterly disappointed when it would not run. Ubisoft will not build a Vista compatibility patch for this game. I run Server 2008 Enterprise x64 I have been able to get past the dreaded “Cannot run Blazing Angels”

    Please keep in mind these methods are unorthodox and I believe basically, they break steam access and possibly multiplayer.
    I installed the nocd 1.2 patch from gamecopyworld and run the game from the bin/MainR.exe. Settings will need to be changed with the launcher and saved. I was even able to get my Logitech Extreme 3D pro working adequately.

  97. Mohammad says:


    Get an iso version of the file (or make it)
    Run it using Deamon tools and thats all…

    I had the same prob with grid (after I extracted the iso), hope it works

  98. mike says:

    Worms World Party works great for me….
    i also have worms 4 and that works perfectly

    i have the GTA2 patch and DEP disabled

  99. acidblood says:


    Just thought I’d let you (and anyone else) know I was getting the same error with Jade Empire (missing xinput9_1_0.dll). Got it working simply by downloading it (just google ximput9_1_0.dll) and putting it the c:windowssystem folder, not the system32 folder.

    Also, you don’t seem to need to register it as I just ended up with an error when I tried.

  100. Nytemare says:

    Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her

    Works, however game is very choppy. Have tried multiple settings for audio and video in game to no avail. Tried with video full up, full down, sound on/off, directsound on/off. My Creative X-Fi Titanium comes with a utility to allow directsound, that didn’t help. Haven’t tried the GTA 2 fix yet.

    Asus Rampage Forumula
    Intel Q 9550 @ 2.83
    8 GB 800mhz DDR2
    2x ATI HD3870 ICeQ3 at stock (WHQL 8.10 drivers)
    SATA 3.0 HDDs (WD Raptor). No RAID
    Creative X-Fi Titanium Pro PCIE soundcard

  101. Anonymous says:

    F.E.A.R. 2 Project Orgin Demo works fine on Server 2008 Standard 64 bit


  102. Sterex says:


    Need For Speed Underground 2 works fine on x64! 🙂

    I know its an old game, but its awesome! 😀

  103. davidude says:


    Patched to 1.01, same thing. Haven’t tried it with an earlier nvidia driver version, 181.22 comes with physx 9.09.0010.

    The strange thing is it just keeps the CPU usage at 50% at the splash screen. I left it for a while but no luck. Doesn’t seem like a display driver problem.

  104. Lone_Foxx says:


    Have you patched to 1.01? Also, I’m running Mirror’s Edge on a single 9600 GT 512MB with nvidia’s 181.20 (January 8, 2009) driver with playable results…

    Might as well patch to Physx 9.09.0010 (January 13, 2009) as well

  105. Katanga says:

    Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA4)

    Just put “xinput9_1_0.dll” in the setup directory and the game will run.


  106. deltatux says:

    Metal Gear Solid 2: SUBSTANCE will not work since it’s a direct XBOX port. In the XBOX version, the software has direct sound control. However, due to the new sound stack, dsound no longer has direct sound control. It’s now emulated in the new XAUDIO2 audio engine.

    Until someone writes an OpenAL wrapper or hack for the game, it will never run on Windows Vista/Server 2008.

  107. davidude says:

    Mirror’s Edge doesn’t work for me. Hangs at startup splash screen. CPU usage goes to 50% and stays there. Plenty of free RAM. I got 2x 8800 GTX’s with nvidia’s 181.22 beta driver (recommended for mirror’s edge and physx).

  108. Anonymous says:

    Working: Mirrors Edge, no problems at all

    @Lone Foxx: same for me on saints row 2

  109. Lone_Foxx says:


    Mount & Blade 1.3

    Rise Of The Argonauts

    Saints Row 2 (did not require compatibility mode for me)

  110. Berto says:

    Saints row 2 just put compatibility mode to xp sp2

  111. Mirai says:

    Even about Ragnarok, some minor issues can occur in Windows Server 2008. This issue can happen when you try to run this game without installing it (by doing one copy from another computer that has it installed, for example). But they are solved just leaving the patcher do his work.

    I play at bRO, an Gravity’s official server.

  112. Robert says:

    BTW, I am really trying to get Overlord to function. As soon I start to play it says “missing file Xinput9__1_0.dll.” Well I try to register this DLL in the system32 folder and it gives me an error about making sure this is a “real DLL or OCX file.” Well I downloaded the file from the net and I even got it from the Direct X October 2005 DLL files. So I know its real..

    Does just pasting it there make things work!? I’, not sure if thats right..

    It almost seems like the games wont play because they are’ne compatible with Server. I understand that MS want a business class Server but cant they include the apps to make this function like a desktop PC…?? Can anyone out there ever make a run file which will convert this system to a Super Computer without all this fuss, or must we be the test group..Maybe.

    Anyhow, please help me out here guru’s, I’m surprised that this game wont work when all others seem to register the DLL just fine. WHy do we need the xinput file anyway? Wasn’t this DLL created during the days of the 2000 OS exchange of XP, back in 2002?

    Help, thank you really…

  113. Robert says:

    Alrighty, I googled Grand Theft Auto and it specifies copying the xinput9_1_0.dll into the System 32 registry. BUt still I dont know how to register it…

    Can anyone simply walk me through how to install this bugger…


    Arris: There is an automatic installer for this file now. See fixes on top of the page! 🙂

  114. kocha says:

    Grand Theft Auto IV runs fine. All it takes is copying the xinput9_1_0.dll in the game folder. Just google for the file name to download it from the web.

  115. loki7777 says:

    I didnt have any problem plaing JE special edition on server 2008

  116. Robert says:

    Guys Overlord and Jade Empire wont play at all! Can you please help me out? I was capable of registering the earlier gameux.dll. I used the same method for another DLL named “Xinput9_1_0.dll.”

    When I attempt to register it I get the following message “This is not a DLL file”

    I was trying to install Jade Empire and Overlord. What I do know by investigatiung is this DLL is a component of DX9 and also of the microsoft 360 controller.

    Can anyone help me out and install this DLL and help me find a specific way to get it registered in my System32 folder..??

    Please help me out. If you happen to help out, this DLL is nessasary for alot of games to work. SO you will really be helping out alot of people- including me.

    Thank you

  117. Vanilla Ice says:

    Navy Field works in 2008 if you set compatibility to 98/Me, put checks in the themes and composition boxes, and set to run as admin. I had to reboot before it would run with those settings.

  118. loki7777 says:

    What about METAL GEAR SOLID2 SUBSTANCE? When running it i get Failed creating Idirectsound8 object and after that abnormaln shutdown.
    Tryed GTA2fix and other.

  119. Steve-A-George says:

    This doesn’t fall under ‘Games’ as much as it does under ‘Entertainment’:

    Does anyone have hardware acceleration working for playing h.264 video? I know I don’t and desipte my opteron 180 and Geforce 8600 I still cnat play certain files contained in a .mkv without sever choppiness or AV sync loss.

    Arris: There is a topic about this at the forum: Hardware Accelerated h.264 possible?.

  120. Chaz says:

    Installed Bully: Scholarship edition using the tip at Comment 165.
    Got it running and played it.
    Server 2008 x86

  121. Lone_Foxx says:


    Prince of Persia (new 2008 trilogy version)

    Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason (Russian version)

  122. Jofo says:

    Could someone possibly sort the game list? Its pretty chaotic…

    Arris: You can click at the column header to sort it! 🙂

  123. DaveB says:

    For those of you trying to get Grid working, see my post in the games section of the forum, I got mine up and running after getting the not responding crash.

  124. Eric Rhine says:

    sorry xinput9_1_0.dll also need copy…
    also my will my new 4850 play on wow or GTA4 both will lag on fps…
    any ideas?

  125. Eric Rhine says:

    GTA 4 will work on W2K8 64-bit Std after do this fixing
    Copy gameux.dll
    copy directX sound file (d3ddx???) i forgot… will confirm later
    install latest direct x (not SDK version)
    I can log on Live for windows games and rockstar social club but not yet test multiplayer
    need to install IE flash player for in game Flash
    (Firefox flash plug-in not work)

  126. DaveB says:

    The Sims 2 seems to work just fine

  127. GeorgeVasil says:

    From the “COD 4 Issues and fixes ” Sticky

    10. I try to run cod4 but the game crashes with an iw3mp.exe error

    Plug a mic / headphones into your unused mic port

    If you are running realtek hd audio on your vista then all you have to do is go to your control panel. click hardware and sound. then sound. click the recording tab on your screen. then right click show disabled. then enable stereo mix.

    Use Vista drivers for your sound instead of the device drivers

    ### This fixed the COD4 Multiplayer Game Crash @ Server 2008 x64.

  128. Lone_Foxx says:

    That is so funny, just like I said before about Halo 2 (xinput9_1_0.dll). Read the comments next time, we already had the solution. 🙂

  129. MOP says:

    yes, that’s it – sry 😉

  130. Lone_Foxx says:


    Which forum, link please?

    Arris: I think he is talking about this topic. Forum is also accessible via the url!

  131. MOP says:

    it DOES work – check the forum

  132. MOP says:

    doesn’t work on my 64 bit version either – thought my graphic card is responsible for that…

    that’s actually crap ^^

    let’s hope for the patch

  133. Agit says:

    GTA IV is not working. (Aplication has stopped working)
    ATI EAX3870X2. WS 2008 x86_64.

    Haven’t tried on 32bit version.

  134. PRMan says:

    Lego Batman works fine but we seem to have to calibrate the game controllers (using the Control Panel application) much more often than on XP.

  135. Hibino says:

    I can play Fallout3 fine on my 2008 DC 64bit version fine. But no chance to pass the GTA4 logo 🙁
    And my x360 controller also works perfect.

  136. Lone_Foxx says:


    I have the suspicion that GTA 4 may not run properly on your system because you were not able to setup and run Halo2/Games for Windows Live previously…

    Do you run any other Live games such as Fallout 3? If so did you get the GFWL update recently? If you have a X360 controller, does it work properly on 2008 64-bit? Have you disabled the Social Club or at least not signed in?
    _ _ _

    Is there anyone else reading this who can play a Live enabled game like Halo 2 Vista or Fallout 3 that is running Server 2008 64-bit but cannot run GTA 4? I am trying to rule out the GFWL side of things (but my copy is not here yet).

  137. Nite says:


    I can confirm that GTA4 works on Server 2008 32-Bit version, I was just talking to a friend with a ATI Radeon HD 4850 and it runs for him. So it seems GTA4 only fails on Server 2008 64-Bit version which is what I am on =(

    Arris: Tested it and works fine on my Server 2008 x64 Enterprise with GeForce 8600GT.

  138. Nite says:

    ahh shit =(

    seems all us are stuck at the same area, it crashes after the GTA4 logo in the intro video

  139. John says:

    Yes all Valve Source and 1.6 games run on Windows Server 2008, both versions!

  140. Ryan says:

    Will games such as Counter-Strike 1.6 work on windows server 2008 32 bit + 64 bit?

  141. bgi says:

    according to Rockstar’s support it won’t run on 2008 server;/

  142. John says:

    Yep same problem 🙁

    Critical runtime problem

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPLICATION CRASH
    System RAM: -2478080
    Available RAM: 2047479808
    Number of CPUs: 2
    Video Card Manufacturer: NVIDIA
    Video Card Description: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra
    Video Card Driver Version: 7.15.0011.7824
    OS Version: 6.0.6001.
    Locale ID: 2057

  143. Roman says:

    Имя события проблемы: APPLICATION CRASH
    System RAM: 2145775616
    Available RAM: 551354368
    Number of CPUs: 2
    Video Card Manufacturer: NVIDIA
    Video Card Description: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GSO
    Video Card Driver Version: 7.15.0011.8048
    Версия ОС: 6.0.6001.
    Код языка: 1049

  144. Roman says:

    GTA 4 don’t work =(
    Problem Event Nameu: APPLICATION CRASH

  145. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to say Dead Space works perfectly for me on Windows Server 2008 32-bit.

  146. bgi says:

    doesn’t seem to be working… just after the logo it crashes:

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Nameu: APPLICATION CRASH
    System RAM: 2145644544
    Available RAM: 350507008
    Number of CPUs: 2
    Video Card Manufacturer: ATI Technologies Inc.
    Video Card Description: ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
    Video Card Driver Version: 7.15.0010.0154
    OS Version: 6.0.6001.
    Locale ID: 1045

  147. Nite says:

    Has anyone tried Grand Theft Auto 4 on Server 2008 64-Bit yet? Does it work?

  148. Lone_Foxx says:


    Left 4 Dead


    Tomb Raider: Anniversary
    Tomb Raider: Legend
    Tomb Raider: Underworld

  149. Mr.Average says:

    Warhammer Online – Windows Server 2008 Standard x64 -> working after installing dx9

  150. Agit says:

    Starcraft Brood War – No problems (colors were fine), no compatibility mode needed. Maybe problems depends on Starcraft version? I’m using 1.14.

  151. exaslave says:

    I know it was reported as working but i didnt seem to get sound in the F.E.A.R game, I got sound only on the ehr intro movie.

    Using Realtek HD ALC880.

    Arris: Are you sure you have applied all fixes on top of this page? Maybe you first need to apply the dmusic.inf patch.

  152. vistauser says:

    Both C&C Generals and C&C Generals:Zero Hour work fine. If you are stuck at the loading screen, just create options.ini file and place it in your documents folder.

  153. Fen_Star says:

    @Xan: What finagling did you do to get fallout 3 to work?

  154. Bombaman says:

    Re-reged my gameux.dll’s and tried compatibility mode still no luck (same error) gah!

  155. Nite says:

    Yes I have fallout3 on server 2008 standard 64-bit, it installed fine and works here

    Try setting the FalloutLauncher.exe to windows XP compatibility mode and see if that works

  156. Bombaman says:

    Tried installing Fallout3 on my Win2k8 x64 box. Getting the error:

    This version of :FalloutLauncher.exe is not compatible with the version of Windows you’re running. Check your computer’s system information to see whether you need a x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher.

    As the Installer dosent use a MSI I cant use Orca, has anyone been able to successfully install it on x64?

  157. Nite says:

    nevermind the above post ^ I fixed it by settings my sound device from 24bit / 192,000hz down to 24 / 48,000hz

    this game appears to have a problem running with a high bitrate/hz setting. its not a server 2008 issue

  158. Nite says:

    Call of Duty 5: World at War will not load on windows server 2008 standard 64-bit. I tried what BRT said above, DX9 is installed and I tried in safe mode and I get this error from the COD5 error capture:

    —– Initializing Renderer —-
    execing ragdoll.cfg from disk
    —– Client Initialization —–
    —– Client Initialization Complete —–
    Trying SMP acceleration…
    —– R_Init —–
    Getting Direct3D 9 interface…
    Pixel shader version is 3.0
    Vertex shader version is 3.0
    Shader model 2.0 code path is available.
    Shader model 3.0 code path is available.
    Using Shader model 3.0 code path because it is the best available path on this hardware.
    Attempting 1024 x 768 fullscreen with 32 bpp at 60 hz
    Game window successfully created.
    Using 4x anti-aliasing
    Creating Direct3D device…
    Com_TouchMemory: 0 msec. Using sum: 0
    Loading fastfile code_post_gfx
    Loading fastfile ui
    Loading fastfile common
    Initializing render targets…
    Requested frame buffer to be 24-bit color with 8-bit alpha
    DirectX returned a frame buffer that is 24-bit color with 8-bit alpha
    Initializing static model cache…
    Initializing dynamic buffers…
    Initializing particle cloud buffer…
    Creating Direct3D queries…
    Loading fastfile ‘code_post_gfx’
    used 1.13 MB memory in DB alloc
    Setting initial state…
    DirectX reports 256 MB of video memory and 993 MB of available texture memory.
    Using video memory size to cap used texture memory at 240 MB.
    Texture detail is set automatically.
    Using picmip 0 on most textures, 1 on normal maps, and 1 on specular maps
    Waited 6 msec for asset ‘$additive’ of type ‘material’.
    Waited 4 msec for asset ‘light_corona’ of type ‘material’.
    Waited 2 msec for asset ‘clear_alpha’ of type ‘material’.
    Waited 1 msec for asset ‘depthprepass’ of type ‘material’.
    Waited 0 msec for asset ‘shadowcookieoverlay’ of type ‘material’.
    Waited 1 msec for asset ‘shadowcookieblur’ of type ‘material’.
    Waited 40 msec for asset ‘shadowcaster’ of type ‘material’.
    Waited 1 msec for asset ‘shadowoverlay’ of type ‘material’.
    Waited 1 msec for asset ‘stencilshadow’ of type ‘material’.
    Waited 21 msec for asset ‘cinematic’ of type ‘material’.
    Error: Could not load material “water_droplet”.
    Error: Could not load material “water_dynamic_spray”.
    Loading fastfile ‘ui’
    used 39.48 MB memory in DB alloc

    ——- sound system initialization ——-

    Error during initialization:
    Unhandled exception caught

  159. k0s says:

    Today i Installed Guitar Hero III and works perfect. Only during first run i had to register OLEACC.dll (system32).

    I am running on Win server 2k8 x64.

  160. MrNxDmX (Nesim Rende) says:

    Need For Speed Carbon
    Working perfect

  161. Lone_Foxx says:


    James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace

  162. Lone_Foxx says:


    That means your missing one of the tweaks or files mentioned on this site or your version of 2008 is missing something perhaps (I’m using Enterprise BTW)?

  163. memo63 says:

    i try to play need for speed most wanted but it doesn´t work on server 08 x86

    can anyone help me?

  164. Nite says:

    anyone have any other ideas to get Halo 2 working on Server 2008 Standard 64-Bit?

    I tried Lone_Foxx’s method above but it didn’t work, the game will crash once the Beam reaches the H in the Halo 2 intro video, can’t even make it to the games main menu.

    someone said to disable DEP for the game but that didn’t work either, same problem

  165. Xan says:

    Scratch that, after quite a bit of finagling it works fine now.

  166. Xan says:

    For Fallout 3, the game installs fine, but program crashes when you try to start a new game.

  167. Anonymous says:

    thanks for your reply DeeL. i launched the setup executable and i get what looks like a grayed otu installshield box. it would just sit there. i’ll give it another try and let it run longer and see what will happen. thanks again.

  168. DeeL says:

    I had no problem installing fallout 3, run setup and everything finished without problem. So I don’t know what is your problem… when the error occurs for you?

  169. Anonymous says:

    how did you install fallout 3 DeeL? i can’t even install the game. please help. thank you.

  170. Lone_Foxx says:

    UT3 never BSODed on for me on 32 or 64-bit with 2 GB and/or 4 GB RAM

    I had zero errors with the new COD World at War BETA

    UPDATE: On Bully Scholarship Edition – endless loading screen error hopefully rectified in first patch, supposedly only affects 64-bit Windows with more than 2 GB (3.3?) RAM

  171. Michael says:

    UT3 IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH 2008 Enterprise!! Today just half a minute after the start – a blue screen showed up (which is totally c0ck for this OS). The nVidia driver caused this, but why ?!

  172. BRT says:

    CoD5 World at War works after fixing 2 errors:
    – Missing d3dx9_37.dll : install directx9.
    – Unexpected error : start the game in safe mode.
    Other than that it runs very nice!

  173. DeeL says:

    I successfully tested and played Fallout 3 and Command&Conquer Red Alert 3.
    I have Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x64

    with Fallout3 I had some problems when trying to run new game in main menu, but I uninstalled ASUS Gamer OSD and other ASUS software which came with my graphics card. So no problem 😉

  174. Lance says:

    Hi! Anyone who managed to run SPORE in WinServer08 32bit?

    I’m having problems with it, and google doesn’t offer any answer =)

    Kindly post any helpful info thanks!

  175. Anonymous says:

    anyone got fallout 3 to install? i can’t get it to install. thanks.

  176. Lone_Foxx says:


    Bully Scholarship Edition – You need to remove the line in the MSI file that would only accept Vista, 2003 or a lower version of Windows with Orca

  177. Kev. says:

    Wow… Guild Wars is much smoother on S2k8 than XP. I wasn’t expecting that!

  178. Matt says:

    I’m getting alot of chop in EQ2. I do have Hyper-v installed (but no virtual machines up when running eq2) and I need to keep it installed for a school project, is there another alternative to clear up the chop?

    Arris: Having Hyper-V installed can indeed lead to performance issues. If the game runs fine when Hyper-V isn’t installed, you can use an alternative like VMWare Workstation/Player or Microsoft Virtual PC to run your Virtual Machines.

  179. sbv3 says:

    Settlers VI Parental control: run in compatibility mode and the error is gone 😉

  180. Nite says:

    Race Driver Grid: won’t even run at all on Server 2008 on my system, it will install but it crashes when I launch the game, it encounters a problem with the exe file.

    Chronicles of Riddick – Escape From Butcher Bay: Game Crashes at launch, no known causes either.

    I use the latest patch, disabled DEP, installed the gameui.dll file, set to XP compatibility mode, disabled extension limits in the Nvidia control panel, but none of that works for both games.

    Grid I don’t really care about but I’m going to miss Chronickles of Riddick I loved that game 🙁

    I’m using Windows Server 2008 Standard (32Bit)

  181. Suggestion says:

    This page should separate 32/64-bit compatibility as in “Security Software Compatibility”

    Arris: I don’t think the is much difference between games in x86 and x64. Security software installs drivers/services that are nested within the operating system and so need to be fully compatible; Games just run on top of the OS so if the underlying OS works fine, most games will work fine too.

  182. Cythrawl says:

    Race Driver GRiD has a problem under Server 2008. It will not save any custom settings for resolution, GFX setting, or aspect ratio.. When GRiD Reloads it defaults to the max of the current monitor connected to it and at default GFX settings. A re-install and a removal of the profile folders for the game do not fix it. There seems to be no way to fix this behavior.

  183. Nite says:

    Lone Fox you on 32 bit or 64 bit?

    I was just about to test Far Cry 2 on Standard Edition 32 bit

  184. Lone_Foxx says:


    Far Cry 2

  185. Nite says:

    Nice compatibility list, thankfully most of the ones that I play only have minor issues or no issues at all.

    Call of Juarez: will install just fine and run just fine, I never got the script error during installation though sometimes I get a crash issue at start up, but works most times.

    Far Cry: I’m a bit disapointed that the 1.4 version doesn’t work cause that means my steam copy is useless and can’t do multiplayer, I had to pull out my DVD copy and install up to 1.32 just for single player.

    I’m using Windows Server 2008 Standard (32-bit) Version

    I will post back when I do more testing

  186. blgrssby says:


    King’s Bounty: The Legend
    Space Rangers 2
    Divine Divinity
    Alpha Prime

  187. alexandrefaustini says:

    Copying the xinput9_1_0.dll made it works…thanks!

  188. alexandrefaustini says:

    The GTA 2 Fix works, but left the support for xbox 360 controller…does it have any fix?

    Arris: Maybe the forum topic joy.cpl file from Vista x64? Please… can help you?

  189. Revan says:

    All right, the following have been tested successfully for an extended period of game time on 32-bit version of server (standard, no patching past SP1) with 4GB RAM and ATI 8.9 drivers.

    Sacred 2 CE (UK edition, Australia) works fine with normal textures (elite textures crash the client from time to time but work, this suppose to be a game problem as it is discussed on S2 forums).

    Witcher Enhanced Edition works fine with best features on, some minor graphical glitches detected during dialogs but those seem to be related to ATI drivers (as I have managed to replicate same issue on Windows XP SP3 build)

    Warhammer Online works fine with best features on

    Tabula Rasa works fine with best features (PlayNC launcher requires disabled Enhanced IE security to display news correctly)

    Eve Online works fine with best features, able to run multiple clients (2) concurrently for extended period of time with no system problems.

    Kind Regards

  190. jimmi4u says:

    well brothers in arms hell’s highway won’t install on a 64-bit server. Does anybody know how to install it? thanks

  191. Anonymoose says:

    Spore works fine for me on 64-bit.

  192. NT says:

    Grid worked out of the box on 64bit 2008 server for me.

    Spore on the other hand does not work at all.
    This application failed to start because d3ddx9_27.dll was not found.
    Both before and after directx update.

  193. Deniz says:

    Anyone know how to get grid working on 64 bit server 2008?

  194. Anonymous says:

    Nevermind, I fixed CoD4. I just went to compatibility and clicked “disable display scaling on high DPI settings” to make it work.

    My DPI is at 225% because the text is so hard to read on a 1080p screen.

  195. Anonymous says:

    I’m having a different kind of problem trying to install Call of Duty 4 on Server 2008 x64.

    When I click install, it starts loading and then a window pops up saying: “This installer requires a minimum resolution of 800×600 to complete. Please adjust the desktop resolution and restart the Installer.”

    My setup is a 40″ 1080p Samsung LCD, 9600gt with resolution set to 1920×1080.

    Of course, 1920×1080 is higher than 800×600, but it doesn’t work. Then I try changing to multiple resolutions and that doesn’t work either.

    Anyone have a solution for this? Thanks.

  196. Lone_Foxx says:

    Works fine on 64-bit 2008:

    The Witcher Enhanced Edition

  197. Lone_Foxx says:


    Bionic Commando Rearmed

    Crysis Warhead

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky (English)

  198. R says:

    rf online work only with disable dep

  199. About Ragnarok Online, it’s Working fine, Even in EternityRO(server i’m playing), I just needed to set graphics adapter manually in game setup.

  200. dalponis says:

    What about PowerDVD? PowerDVD 7 and 8 install, but 8 won’t run after you type in your serial code. 7 just fucks up after playing a DVD…

  201. Athos Deterious says:

    Warhammer Online working 🙂

  202. Silkup says:

    Same here …

    Mouse only !


  203. Keos says:

    Anyone else having problems with The Witcher Enhanced Edition ? I get a black screen and only the mouse after the intro movies. It seems to work fine with older exe version but i would like to use the 1.4 version.

  204. Tom says:

    EVE Online works fine, though the start menu entries are not created. Same for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

  205. Tom says:

    Guitar Hero III tries to install, but rolls back and fails. I believe it has to do something with the Xbox controller included with the game, becuase I got the following in the Windows Event Log:

    “The description for Event ID 4373 from source Xbox_360_CC_Driver cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.

    If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.

    The following information was included with the event:

    Not enough storage is available to process this command.”

    This is a memory management problem, not a disk storage problem. I’ve tried a few registry fixes on other forums, but they didn’t seem to work. I’ll continue to investigate.

  206. Caty says:

    Anarchy Online: all OK

  207. nAv says:

    I’ve been busting my head over why CS 1.6 wasn’t working. Then on some obscure forum I read about disabling DEP. I searched here and saw people mentioned it, but it’s nowhere to be seen on the table.
    you mind adding “DISABLE DEP” to the Half-life/Counter Strike rows? I’m sure it’ll help lots of people

    Arris: Thanks for your comment! In the text at the top of the table there are several solutions that work quite often to get all games working including disabling DEP. However I now explicitly added it to the fix column so no-one will miss it! 😉

  208. pmb says:

    Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (Beta) does not run on w2k8.

  209. Lone_Foxx says:


    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky (Russian)

  210. Tom says:

    BF1942 works fine after applying the GTA2 patch, but complains about a .dll checksum error if you try to activate mods in game. I haven’t found a good workaround yet.

  211. creeps says:

    im strugleing to get it workin at the min @ waseb

  212. waseb says:

    Has anybody tested STALKER Clear Sky?

  213. Kemmotar says:

    Anybody any luck with Ragnarok Online for private servers????
    I tried every trick suggested for vista but none works, the original client runs (ragnarok.exe) but every private client I tried (like RebirthRO and other) crash with a screen telling me to close the program and some fault in kernel32.dll and a screen pops up (strangley in french but all my software is in english) that says “Erreur d’application” and “Exception EOleSysError ” “Class not registered”
    Any suggestions, I want to playyy
    Thanks in advance

  214. The Maker says:

    Hi guys, after all the tries, all works but CoD4 with patch v1.4 does makes an error requesting DX9 file.. Win2k8 has 10.1 installed, but the game need DX9.

    What shall i do??

    Thanks in advance..

    Arris: You can safely install DX9 because it will be installed beside DX10.1

  215. guj says:

    Guitar hero 3 works perfectly!!!

    Arris: How did you get it working? Because this reply says that it doesn’t work (yet) on Server 2008.

  216. Lone_Foxx says:

    WOOTer! Halo 2 Vista running on 2008 with Live support!

    1) Insert the Halo 2 DVD
    2) Run Startup.exe on the Halo 2 DVD
    3) Install the game
    4) Install XLiveRedist1.0.6027.msi and vcredist.msi from the redists dir on the Halo 2 DVD.
    5) Copy xinput9_1_0.dll to system32 for the game to work.


  217. movaxdx says:

    I have patched OverdoseEngine.dll in Painkiller: Overdose to bypass parental check. It runs ok now.

    find the following code in any debugger/disassembler:

    101C0390 ?CheckParentalControls@@YA_N_N@Z:
    101C0390 55 push ebp
    101C0391 8BEC mov ebp,esp
    101C0393 6A06 push 00000006h
    101C0395 E806FDFFFF call SUB_L101C00A0
    101C039A 83C404 add esp,00000004h
    101C039D 84C0 test al,al
    101C039F 740C jz L101C03AD
    101C03A1 6A00 push 00000000h
    101C03A3 FF150C852A10 call [ole32.dll!CoInitialize]
    101C03A9 85C0 test eax,eax
    101C03AB 7D04 jge L101C03B1
    101C03AD L101C03AD:
    101C03AD B001 mov al,01h
    101C03AF 5D pop ebp
    101C03B0 C3 retn

    and change “test al,al” (84 C0) to “xor al,al” (32 C0), for example.

    Arris: Thanks! That’s a nice trick! For the people who don’t know how to do this, see this topic at the forum and start with step 2 opening “C:Program FilesDreamcatcherPainkillerBinOverdoseEngine.dll” and replace 83C40484C0740C with 83C40432C0740C.

  218. Lone_Foxx says:


    Alone in the Dark (5)

  219. Gersson says:

    **FIX for failing Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts**

    It used to give an error about igameexplorer
    what I did: Using the task manager, I forcefully shutdown the installer when it got to 99% (only thing left is to create a shortcut in the games folder — which causes the install to fail).
    I ran the game exec successfully.

    I was able to patch the game to the latest patches and play online.
    This was the only game that kept me from using Win2k8 as my primary OS.

  220. Xeno says:

    Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (Beta) by Mythic Entertainment

    It works. The install goes to Microsoft for DirectX 9.24.1400. I have not found an issue yet.

  221. Izord says:

    Painkiller Overdose: I have the “parental control” issue. Big problem. How to bypass it? Back to XP64 if no soln by tomorrow Bill.


  222. Anonymous says:

    Tested Call of Duty 4 and UT3.

    Call of Duty 4 installed, updated to 1.7. Was forced to update DirectX to get the game to run. (Kept receiving ‘d3dx9_35.dll’ missing or corrupt.) Game runs fine now.

    Unreal Tournament 3 installed off Steam without any conflict. Plays fine. (Though, it seems to have very poor FPS even for my monster of a machine.)

  223. Rishnak says:

    I cant get Guitar hero III to install, just as it finishes the install it rolls back to 0% and says the install was interrupted. I tried to install it on XP and copy it to the server 2008 but it says it cant find some registry keys, i copied all the keys the install made and still it did not work. 🙁

  224. Verogirg says:

    Game: The Settlers VI : Raise of Empire
    Production: UBISoft

    PROBLEM: Won’t start

    ERROR MESSAGE: Starting this game is prohibited by parental control

    QUESTION: Is there any way to bypass this check?. I can’t fine any parental control settings in Server 2008 🙁

  225. Simbionte the Killer says:

    Emulators like MAME, Kawaks and FBE have a large quantity of erros in Sprites of All games I played…(especially SNK Games) with my Graphics adapter Intel GMA 3100(I can’t Say about others Graphic cards).

  226. Lone_Foxx says:

    Sorry Henry, but after following the tweaks on this and other sites most games (including The Thing) just work.

    I never applied the patch for The Thing and it did not require the CD so there was no need for a crack. Oh, residual video glitches happened at the beginning of some levels and sometimes if I left the game at the pause menu the world would kinda pull away and then invert. LOL, those silly developers.

    Also, I have had major slow-downage with the Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-earth 2, anyone else?

  227. Anonymous says:

    Knight Online working perfect.

  228. Henry says:

    Lone_Foxx, you’ve gotten The Thing to work? is there anything you have to do as I have not got it to work

  229. Lone_Foxx says:

    The Thing

  230. Lone_Foxx says:

    Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 or GRAW2

  231. Lone_Foxx says:


    Devil May Cry 4

    Alien Vs Predator 2 (some graphical errors after start of some levels)

    Postal 2 (Postal Fudge pack)

  232. Simbionte the Killer says:

    Somebody already tested Ragnarok Online? any results? and Devil May Cry 3?

  233. Anonymous Coward says:

    Worms World Party!
    Just keeps on crashing whenever you try to load it.

  234. James says:

    Any way of running MSN Live Messenger?

    Arris: See this topic at the forum how to install Windows Live Applications.

  235. Henry says:

    The Stuttering on Server 2008 for Perry Rhodan has nothing to do with the sound but to do with having Hyper-V installed, once removed no stuttering whatso ever, now the only problem I have is it crashed when I get to a certain point and I dont know if it has anything to do with the game or the running of Server 2008.

    Rainbow 6 Vegas 1 works fine

  236. Mike Atkins says:

    Help!! I can’t seem to load your instructions for the GTA 2 fix. Can this be fixed, or can someone post them on this page?

  237. Kevin says:

    Everquest2 was ‘playable’ after the gameux fix. I say playable in quotes because, at least on the 64 bit 2008 standard, it was very choppy. My vista 64 runs it much smoother but I will keep tweaking things to see if I can get it better.

  238. Henry says:

    Resident Evil 4 works with Server 2008

  239. Henry says:

    I have got the sound down to a minimal, but still does my head it, using a key in regedit, as follows

    Key: HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionmultimediaSystemProfile
    Value: SystemResponsiveness
    Type: REG_DWORD
    Radix: Decimal
    Data: 20


    1. Go to control panel > sound > speaker > Propteries.
    2. Then under enhancements.
    3. Select “Disable all enchancements”.

    after that the game sound should sound alot better, it seems to still stutter at some points and the sound now and again crackles

  240. Henry says:

    Perry Rhodan, the game does stutter and the sound crackles due to Server 2008, I had just tried this game on Vista Ultimate x64 and it works perfectly.

  241. Henry says:

    Perry Rhodan, I have noticed a little stuttering and the sound crackles but I do not know if it is because my sound is onboard, or because of something else.

  242. Henry says:

    Just start trying a game called Perry Rhodan

  243. Mike Atkins says:

    I tried FIFA 06. Did the gamneux.dll thing, but still no joy.

    If FIFA 08 can work, should FIFA 06 also work?

  244. notausgang says:


    Warcraft III Frozen throne –> fine
    Multiplayer Call of Duty 4 v1.5 –> crashes 🙁 …any fix yet?

  245. notausgang says:

    Far Cry (german) – server2008 64bit

    -v1.0 to v1.2 –> works fine
    -v1.3 to 1.4 (incl 64bit patch) –> don’t work

  246. Daniel says:

    I am using Window Vista on my Dell latitude C640 P4m and when I tried to install FIFA 2008, it failed to copy at all. What should I do.

    Arris: What failed to copy? Can you upload a screenshot of your problem to for example

  247. Lone_Foxx says:

    So it would appear that (with tweaks) damn near every game will run on Workstation 2008 but Halo 2 Vista. I’ve tried the the standard install along with the available cracks and the XP crack but it always crashes just after start-up, just after it says Halo 2.

  248. Omach says:

    Gersson, what are your System Specs? What language Version of the game and the OS do you use?

  249. Omach says:

    Well i still have no solution for the Patching-Problem described above. At the moment i’m playing CoH on Server 2008 by starting it from my old Windows XP-Harddrive, where it was installed before i got my new machine.

  250. Gersson says:

    I have the same exact problem as Omach.

    same exact error message:

    error code 10028:ffffffff

    Here’s a pic of the error:

  251. anon says:

    so how about guitar hero III? did anyone try it?

  252. drakekhan says:

    Star wars knights of the old republic (KOTOR)
    Star wars knights of the old republic 2 (KOTOR2)
    Both of them works, no compatibility mode. KOTOR 2 needs one file to download from this link, otherwise won’t load:

    Secure ROM latest driver for vista is needed as well if you plan to use CD to play. No-CD patch works as well.

  253. drakekhan says:

    The link has error. Correction:

    Sorry about that.

  254. Omach says:

    Yeah for sure, the exact error message is:
    The error seems to be caused by the IGameexplorer, that failed to add a game. This is what i understand from it.
    If that’s not enough, i could post a screenshot, that could be more usefull.

  255. Omach says:

    I have a big problem installing the Company of Heroes Patch to version 2.101, at the end of the installation always the same error message occurs. I have the german 64 bit version of Server 2008 and also the german version of CoH. Can anyone help or have the same problem??
    I have already registered both gameux.dll’s.

    Arris: Can you also add the exact error message you get when installing Patch 2.101?

  256. Todd says:

    In your compatible games list, you have World in Conflict listed.
    I’ve been running it on 2K8 server and keep getting out of memory crashes after playing for about 5-10 minutes. I have 4GB. Any ideas?

  257. AJ says:

    Lineage 2 is working and playable.

  258. sawo says:

    I posted this in the forum, but i think this is better place to do it:
    Bioshock works without compability mode the only thing that need to be done is to copy gameux.dll in the system32 fodler and then type the following command in run:
    regsvr32 C:WindowsSystem32gameux.dll
    Otherwise the game has some issues when run in compability mode.

  259. Lone_Foxx says:


    Lost Planet Extreme Condition Colonies Edition

  260. Niko says:

    UEFA Euro 2008 game working with the GTA2 fix.

  261. Lone_Foxx says:


    Mass Effect

  262. Henry says:

    Age of Conan works with win server 2k8, 32 bit

  263. Dance Battle Audition Online (32-bit)
    working smoothly for two conditions:

    just make sure that:
    * Disable Enhanced Security in Internet Explorer.
    * Set Data Execution Prevention (DEP) for essential Windows programs and services only.

  264. Patt says:

    Requiem: Bloodymare and Rohan Online both work 🙂

  265. Mark4Dead says:

    Admin, somebody list Continuum as as not working. I download it and it work fine.

    Arris: Just tried it myself on Server 2008 x64 and it works fine indeed.

  266. Seraph says:

    “X3 Reunion” works with server 2008

  267. drakekhan says:

    Wow, nice list of compatible games.
    I would like to add that MapleStory works in Windows Server 2008 with certain workarounds. For reference:

    It works perfectly in this OS. I can even do boss fight quests without any graphical glitches and crashes like most gamers reported. It may work for other gameguard protected games.

  268. sps says:

    Thanks a lot! Working 100%!!!

    # sps Says:
    May 15th, 2008 at 5:33

    Is it possible to run WIndows Movie Maker 6 in server 2008? If so, how?
    Where to download? Could find only WMM ver 2.6 🙁

    Arris: See this topic at the forum how to migrate Windows Movie Maker from Vista to Windows Server 2008!

  269. Psychoboyjack says:

    Hi guys, i tried to put Turok rolling, but when i am trying to rut it says : “wxmsw262u_vc80.dll cannot be found, this aplication has failed” any ideas what this mean’s??

    Thx for the help.

  270. Lone_Foxx says:

    The following wok:

    -Doom 3

    -E3 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky demo

    -Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

    -Lost: Via Domus

    -Medal of Honor: Airborne

  271. Anonymous says:

    continuum (subspace) doesn’t work. double clicked it – did nothing, no error, no menu, no screen, etc, just nothing.

  272. Luca says:

    Need For Speed Carbon (with gameux.dll)

  273. sps says:

    Is it possible to run WIndows Movie Maker 6 in server 2008? If so, how?
    Where to download? Could find only WMM ver 2.6 🙁

    Arris: See this topic at the forum how to migrate Windows Movie Maker from Vista to Windows Server 2008!

  274. Virtualism says:

    Tested Day Of Defeat, Day Of Defeat Source, Half Life 1, Half life: source, Team Fortress 2, and Portal. i think we can safely say steam games will work? 😛

  275. Virtualism says:

    Counterstrike source works, Half life works, Team fortress clasic works, Gary’s mod works. All without compatability mode. I’ll try all steam games i’ll have, but chances are they’ll work 😛

    Oh yes, might have to add that i have NOT tested them without gameux.dll

    DEP has to be disabled as well -__-

    Arris: Merged your three posts. Thanks for the reply! 🙂

  276. blgrssby says:

    Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition

    -Ran Setup using XP SP2 compatibility. Start menu entries wouldn’t be created otherwise.

    Fritz 11

    No problems.

  277. Marko says:

    Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas works with some work

    -Needed the gameux.dll
    -Installed the update
    -Original game disc did not work without crack
    -Crack is for original version (not the updated)

  278. pirrax says:

    Far Cry
    v 1.0 graphic error
    v 1.32 runs well

  279. freelancerage says:

    Need For Speed Most Wanted
    classic i like this

    working smoothly on Windows Server 2008 without problems

  280. redsunx says:

    Retail Crysis works just fine.

  281. d says:

    Is it possible to add support for gamepads?

    Arris: Just added an article about this. Read here!

  282. smf68 says:

    The following games work, but could depend on gameux.dll (didn’t test without):
    – Savage 2 – A Tortured Soul: Works even much more stable than on my pre-SP1 Vista (I don’t get runtime errors on map reloading anymore)
    – The Witcher: Only fails to create shortcuts in start menu and/or desktop. The game itself works as fine as it does in Vista (Release version crashes every other loading screen, patch 1.2 crashes only ~ every hour, most recent patch 1.3 seems to be quite stable).
    – Starcraft Brood War: Works fine. If colors are displayed incorrectly, play around with the compatibility settings until it’s fixed (like in Vista).
    – Sam&Max (Tested Episode: 104)
    – Return to Castle Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory: Works perfectly fine without any tuning

  283. Stige says:

    Two more:
    – Warsow
    – Turok

  284. zed says:

    cant get bioshock or gear of war to work on 2008 64bit!!

    Can someone confirm is this is possible

    Arris: There is a topic on the forum about Bioshock.

  285. Stige says:

    A few more working games:
    – Assassins Creed
    – Command & Conquer 3
    – Command & Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath
    – Call of Duty 2
    – Call of Duty 4
    – Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne
    – World in Conflict
    – Uplink

    Oh and EVE Online is made by CCP, seeing as you are missing that 🙂

    Arris: Thanks for your comments! Updated the list! 😉

  286. Stige says:

    – EVE Online
    – Rainbow Six Vegas 2
    – Trackmania Nations Forever
    – Soldiers: Heros of World War II (Install the Vista patch for it)
    – Soldat

    The above games work like a charm on Windows Server 2008 Standard x86

  287. Anonymous says:

    cannot start counterstrike
    steam work, but not counterstrike

    Problemereignisname: BEX
    Anwendungsname: hl.exe
    Anwendungszeitstempel: 43712ff5
    Fehlermodulname: hl.exe
    Fehlermodulzeitstempel: 43712ff5
    Ausnahmeoffset: 00a5f5b9
    Ausnahmecode: c0000005
    Ausnahmedaten: 00000008
    Betriebsystemversion: 6.0.6001.
    Gebietsschema-ID: 1031
    Zusatzinformation 1: 8630
    Zusatzinformation 2: 09286870d7935e2d2118a49d3fd3d480
    Zusatzinformation 3: cf29
    Zusatzinformation 4: 81e77f52464e460ec28dc1f2b98d8b2e

    Arris: Have you followed the Disable DEP tutorial? That might help you!

  288. Eli says:

    Warhammer 40k: Dawn Of War: works perfectly

  289. Sarn says:

    Never Winter Nights 2 and expansion work fine!

  290. Sarn says:

    Quake wars – Enemy Territory works great!

  291. Todda says:

    Empires: Dawn of the Mordern World

    Got “gameux.dll is missing” and fixed that error with the info above…

    …but it still dies loading the main menu…

    Windows error..
    “Empires_DMW.exe has stopped working”

    Arris: Have you also tried to disable DEP? That might work… 🙂

  292. Viktor says:

    Admin: Thanks for putting a guide on how to fix gameux.dll! I really like that you care so much for your readers. Also i would like to thank you for a great page!

    Arris: I am glad to hear that you enjoy this manual! Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  293. Wavetrex says:

    Works perfectly on 2008 x64:

    Supreme Commander Forged Alliance (runs better than on XP)
    Quake 3
    Hellgate London (x64)
    UFO Afterlight (runs considerably better than on XP, level /area load times 5 times shorter)
    Conflict Denied Ops
    Clive Barker’s Jericho

  294. Tracy says:

    My headset is not USB but from some things I am reading that seams to be the only Mics that are working. My settings in WoW are correct I believe. I used the Mic on my Web Cam when I was running Vista and it worked. On my sound devices I have “speakers high definition audio device working” listed under playback and on recording I have “microphone high definition audio device working”. For my Creative Sound Card for Playback I have ” speakers SB X-FI Extreme Audio working and Digital Audio Interface SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio working”. For recording I have S/PDIF-In SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio currently unavailable”. I had another for microphone but I disabled it and now it is gone. I will work with it and see if I can get that back. I all else fails I will just do a re-install and see if that fixes it. Thanks

  295. James says:

    Please could someone help me. I have got server up and running but can’t get any sound! Whenever i try to install the vista driver it says “Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software”

    Please help, I’m at my wits end!

    Thanks James

    Arris: As workaround, try to select the option Disable Driver Signature Enforcement by repeatadly pressing F8 before starting Windows Server 2008:

  296. Kane says:


    Is your Headset USB? or is it plugged into the Creative Sound Card?, no matter for WoW if you haven’t already (sorry just have to make sure) go into the WoW settings for the Voice, in their there is a drop down to select the Input Source, make sure its set to the headset and not the soundcard, IF that is infact the case, otherwise please let us know the settings (and what devices are there) shown in the Sound Panel under the Control Panel Area.

  297. Tracy says:

    Does anyone have any ideas why the Mic on my new Creative headset won’t work on Server 2008 while playing WoW? Mics are great when going on Raids and playing in Battlegrounds. I have tried both the built in Mic and the one that is on my Creative Sound Card that I added. I have tried both Speaker Mics and the best I can get is fuzzy noise.

  298. Diaboliquin says:

    Company of Heroes – works
    FEAR – works

    Server 2008 32-bit

    I have installed the gameux.dll fix.

  299. Dirtas says:

    Add to my last post: Maybe problem is that i got 64 bit version. Anyone can confirm, that Bioshock works at 64 bit?

  300. Dirtas says:

    Re: Bioshock.. I Tried that with compatability but it didnt help.. I spend almost 4 hours with reading internet forums but nothing

  301. flo says:

    oh, forgot to mention i can add to the list, rainbow six vegas (asks for gameux.dll but works witout), quake 4, command and conquer 3 and c&c 3 kane’s wrath (all tested on x64 enterprise)

  302. flo says:

    i cannot confirm UT3, at least i cannot install it. it complains that i need xp, vista or 2003 server. tried compatibility mode and i tried to fiddle with the setup.ini but i didn’t get it to work

    Arris: I tried installing UT3 myself and you are right, but…. there is a fix! See the tutorial Installing Unreal Tournament 3 for the solution. This method may also work for other games that refuse to install on Windows Server 2008!

  303. alphaswift says:

    @ 33 Dirtas:

    Did you try the suggestion in the list above and change compatability to XP SP2?

  304. Dirtas says:

    I got problem with bioshock.
    Podpis problému:
    Název události problému: APPCRASH
    Název aplikace: Bioshock.exe
    Verze aplikace:
    Časové razítko aplikace: 474f5a3a
    Název chybného modulu: Bioshock.exe
    Verze chybného modulu:
    Časové razítko chybného modulu: 474f5a3a
    Kód výjimky: c0000005
    Posun výjimky: 00463b3f
    Verze operačního systému: 6.0.6001.
    ID národního prostředí: 1029
    Další informace 1: fd00
    Další informace 2: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160
    Další informace 3: fd00
    Další informace 4: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160

    Any ideas how to fix it?

    Arris: Have you also tried to disable DEP? That might work… 🙂

  305. MrJenkins says:

    Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time works perfectly.

    Counter-Strike Source also works perfectly.

  306. Sam says:

    What about World in Conflict?

  307. Kane says:

    just to add a note of fixed from my previous post…. BF2 AND HYPER-V DO NOT PLAY WELL TOGETHER… I MEAN AT ALL had to uninstall HYPER-V then it worked….

  308. Kane says:

    Battlefield 2 doesn’t work for me :/

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: BF2.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 00000000
    Fault Module Name: BF2.exe
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 0076ca32
    OS Version: 6.0.6001.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: dfd7
    Additional Information 2: af85206b67d06de0c21058ccb92d79f8
    Additional Information 3: 4e37
    Additional Information 4: 3d80c0317035ef60c2052c34f9bb3b59

  309. Rob says:

    BF1942 under windows 2008

    so far the only way to play the game under win2008 is to run in Windowed Mode not in the full screen as you will get DirectX error and the game simply quits.

    go to this folder C:Program Files (x86)EA GAMESBattlefield 1942Modsbf1942Settings (change path if you have installed it in a different location) and open VideoDefault.con file

    it should look like this

    renderer.setFullScreen 1
    renderer.fieldOfView 1
    renderer.globalLodRadius 1
    renderer.globalLodRadiusScaleFactor 5
    console.showStats 0
    renderer.allowAllRefreshRates 1

    change the very first line renderer.setFullScreen 1 so that it will show 0 instead of 1. This way the game will load in windowed mode and you can ignore the Directx warning and continue to load the game

    your file should look like this now

    renderer.setFullScreen 0
    renderer.fieldOfView 1
    renderer.globalLodRadius 1
    renderer.globalLodRadiusScaleFactor 5
    console.showStats 0
    renderer.allowAllRefreshRates 1

    save it and run it again

    when the DirectX error shows up simply select Ignore button and the game will start

    hope this helps

    make your desktop background black. the game plays nicer that way

    Arris: Looks like a good workaround! I don’t own the game, but I’m sure you help many other people with this fix. Thanks!

  310. Rob says:

    I got BF1942 to work under win2008. Will post shortly
    Arris: Nice job! I’m curious how you did it. 🙂

  311. Rob says:

    For all those that have gameux.dll issue. Go to this link;8055393;/fileinfo.html

    then pick the one with 6.0.6000.16485 and download it.

    Place it in C:WindowsSysWOW64 folder.

    You problem with gameux.dll should disappear. It did it for me.

    Arris: Thanks. Merged your two posts!

  312. Viktor says:

    Admin: Since there are a lot of games that require gameux.dll you could perhaps ad a guide for it? Both the x64 and x86. Thanks in advance.

  313. LYC37T says:

    The Lord Of The Rings Online – Also works after installing the Microsoft 1.1 Net Patch – Enjoy

  314. Sir Martan says:

    Company of Heroes [works fine, for the first time ask to install latest direct-x, dx10 settings can be set-up ingame]

    Gears of War [works fine, no issues, , dx10 settings can be set-up ingame]

    Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance [works fine, no issues, looks more gorgeous than on xp with dx9 maybe it’s becausee of dx10]

    Flatout 2 [works fine, no issues]

    Warcraft III [works fine, no issues]

  315. Phil says:

    Madden 2008 appears to be working fine. The first time i ran it, it crashed a few seconds into the game. I changed the compatibilty to WinXP service pack 2 and it worked fine. It is a little slower on server 2008 then when i used to play it on XP SP2.

  316. re*s.t.a.r.s.*2 says:

    Hi Admin

    I want to say that UT03 work flawsless ,Ut2004 Ask for gameux.dll, So there is some Issues… thanks for reading… I want to give back to this becouse server standard 2008 rocks…

    Arris: For me UT2004 worked directly in Server 2008 32bit, but I updated the status! 😉

  317. Viktor says:

    Warcraft III/The frozen throne does work. You have to manually add “gameux.dll” in your sys folder. Perchance you could add a Guide for that?

    Arris: The file gameux.dll can be downloaded from;8055393;/fileinfo.html. Save it to C:WindowsSystem32

  318. Rob says:

    Unreal Tournament, Age of Empires, Dethkarz, BF Vietnam, BF2, Half-Life, Half-Life 2 works fine. I;m trying to get Bf1942 to work. Had it working under Win2003Ent 64-bit

  319. cyn says:

    Oh yeah, Diablo 1 and 2 work fine (even XP couldn’t run D1 on my machine). D2 requires disabling themes in the .exe properties though.

    So far all other games i have (except BF1942) run really nice.

  320. Fifa 2008 says:

    Fifa 2008 does not work. Gives an error stating that Directx must be installed. Then incorrect version.

  321. Marko says:

    Company of Heroes – Opposing Fronts works

  322. Marko says:

    VLC Media Player works (vlc-0.8.6e-win32)

  323. Marko says:

    Hour of Victory works, but fails to be any good =)

  324. Marko says:

    Sudden Strike 3 works

  325. Marko says:

    Call of Duty 4 confirmed, multiplayer works too…

  326. Nicholas says:

    Guild Wars and Magic Online works in Server 08

  327. Crispin says:

    These are the games I’ve gotten to work without issues:
    Battlefield 2142
    Call of Duty 4
    Crysis (Demo)

    Also Ideazon just released beta drivers for their Zboard products that work with Server 2008. Check their forums.

  328. cyn says:

    Battlefield 1942 doesn’t work. With the GTA2 DirectMusic Patch, I can get it to start and take me to the main menu (w/o the patch it doesn’t even do that), but as soon as I move the mouse the game crashes.

  329. Has anyone figured out how to get the bundled Games from Vista to work? I’ve tried copying over both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Microsoft Games folder (I’m running 64-bit W2K8), however, I’ve had zero luck getting them to work. Problems range from complaints about a missing XINPUT9_1_0.dll (tried various combinations and versions, copied to System32, the local exe folder, etc.) to the programs just not loading at all (or loading and then unloading so quickly I can’t tell).

    Call me quaint, but I really miss solitaire! 🙂


  330. minime says:

    Wow working better then in Vista

  331. Bob says:

    World of Warcraft – if someone can confirm World of Warcraft runs after tweaking 2008 Server – I’m so there.

  332. Calamarin says:

    Age of empires II. Complains about gameux.dll. After manually copying that to %windir%system32 and registering (regsvr32 gameux.dll), it works fine.

  333. Calamarain says:

    Oblivion. Error about missing gameux.dll, but after clicking ok, it works fine.

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