Get GTA2 Working in Windows Server 2008

If you are getting the error “You will need to install DirectX #.# to run #.” when starting a game, try you probably need to install the Microsoft DirectMusic Core Services to get the game working. You can install it automatically (Thanks

For example the game GTA2 needs this fix. Grand Theft Auto 2 is released in 1999, troche but I still like to play it via VPN over the internet with friends! Everyone can now download the game for free from To get the game working in Windows Server 2003/2008, you need to install the Microsoft DirectMusic Core Services.

1. Download from Win2008Workstation or RapidShare.

2. Open the .zip, select dmusic(.inf) and dmusic.dll, right click and choose Copy.

3. Open an Explorer Window and browse to C:WindowsSystem32 if you are using a x86 version of Windows. If you are using an x64 version, browse to C:WindowsSysWOW64. Right click at a white spot in the screen and choose Paste.

4. If you are using the x86 edition of Windows, scroll to the file dmusic(.inf), right click the file and choose Install. If you are using the x64 edition, click Run in the Start menu and enter: C:WindowsSysWOW64InfDefaultInstall.exe dmusic.inf. Now play GTA2!

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22 Responses

  1. gftr says:

    it makes problems with multiple asio mixer virtual audio cable so backup windows folder i mean it

  2. gers says:

    Thanks man, because of this I can enjoy a timeless classic known as GTA 2.
    Works with server 2008 R2 X64. Tested.

  3. Csuba says:

    This works on windows server 2003 for Fifa 2010.

    Thanks, mate;)

  4. MarLukKi says:

    It works also on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (checked in Enterprise version)

  5. andy says:

    i tried this fix on Windows 7 (32 bit) – Doesn’t work ๐Ÿ™

  6. self_slaughter says:

    You Beauty! THANK-YOU…. got rid of the error on my server 2k3 box

  7. Jake says:

    Nevermind. This was the first time I’d connected my speakers to my machine and configured them wrong. This worked perfectly.

  8. Jake says:

    Does this prevent the sound from working? I had to use this trick to make Fallout Tactics playable on x64 but I had no sound…

  9. Tarek P says:

    Works with Fifa Manager 09 also

  10. water says:

    seems also working for “myCan”, yeah~

  11. 2600bps says:

    wow! this works. Thanks!

  12. sYk0 says:

    Easy solution to install the “dmusic.inf” file on Windows Server 2008 x64 without Total Commander…

    Copy the two files (“dmusic.dll” & “dmusic.inf”) from the archive to your “WindowsSysWOW64” directory (You’ll need admin rights if you are not using the “Administrator” Account).

    next, click the “Start/Windows” button then “Run…” (or “Windows Key + R”) copy and paste the following (including the quotation marks)…
    “%SystemRoot%SysWOW64InfDefaultInstall.exe” “%SystemRoot%SysWOW64dmusic.inf”
    click “OK” and that’s it…

  13. Ysangkok says:

    Why use VPN? You can just use Hamachi. That way you don’t have to manage a VPN server. Or maybe you don’t like other people managing your virtual networks? Hehehhhehehe.

    Arris: I think VPN is more clean because it doesn’t install some networking driver and it’s just build-in in Windows. However, Hamachi is a very handy tool! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. alexandrefaustini says:

    Works on Fifa 09, but left the support for 360 controller. there is any fix for it?

  15. akustuk says:

    its work on fifa09 to…great work

  16. pipo says:

    It works perfectly for Fifa 08, thanks.

  17. Sonus says:


    THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH. SERIOUSLY. I HAVE been TRYING to figure this out for AGES!!!

    I used Process Monitor [free Microsoft tool] to try and diagnose why GTA2 was aborting with a DX6.1 bug, to find that fair enough the DMUSIC.DLL file it needed was missing – but finding the DX6.1 version of the DLL and copying it into my game folder simply didnt help… IT NEEDED THE INF INSTALLATION TO REGISTER THE DAMN FILE THOUGH!


    Arris: I’m glad you can play GTA2 now! It’s indeed a very simple solution for a problem that looks very complicated. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. dhlaks says:

    It works for fifa if u install the inf file also in the 32 bit ver of server 2k8

  19. zvika says:

    This fix DOES worked with my Windows Server 2008 x64 and I am playing FIFA 2008 on it.
    The key is to install the .inf file from a 32 bit application and not from the 64 bit explorer. I did it using total commander which is 32 bit file manager.

  20. This thing is not working on my FIFA 08 , i can’t play , I have Windows 2008 Server Enterprise Edition and when i try to play fifa it still say .. Error about incompatible DirectX version. help please !!

    Admin: I tried this to get GTA2 working on Windows Server 2008 x64 some time ago, but for x64 this fix doesn’t work. So if you are also using the x64 edition you have to find an other solution…

  21. imp says:

    helps with FIFA 08!!!

  22. cenata says:

    Great man!!!
    It’s nice to see someone want to help with that game!
    Thank you!

    Admin: You are welcome. It’s still a great game to play over LAN/VPN via internet with friends! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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