Aero Cursors

Windows Server 2012 by default uses the plain white non-animated cursors. The following steps will help you to get the Windows 8 cursors in Windows Server 2012.

1. Download (93 KB) from win2012workstation.

2. After downloading the zip extract the zip as an Administrator and follow the instructions on the screen.
Extract and run install.cmd

3. Open the Start screen and search for pointer in the Settings section. Next click the Change how the mouse pointer looks link.
Extract and run install.cmd

4. Deselect and reselect the Windows Default (system scheme) scheme in the Scheme section and click OK to start using the Windows 8 Aero cursors!
Select a different scheme and then reselect the "Windows Default (system scheme)"


Continue to configure Windows Server 2012 to run Windows 8 (Metro) Apps…

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11 Responses

  1. SirWobbyTheFirst says:

    Any plans on fixing the link to the file?

  2. DrCoolZic says:

    As it is the script does not work.
    – If not run as an administrator it fails because you do not have priviledge to create directory …
    – If run as administrator then the script start at location C:Windowssystem32

    to fix it you just need to add a line with cd %~dp0 before the xcopy line:

    echo [+] Copying files…
    cd %~dp0
    xcopy /Y /E “ResourcesAeroCursors” “%SystemRoot%Cursors”>nul
    if %errorlevel% NEQ 0 goto error

    and everything works fine

  3. James says:

    Couldnt get the .cmd to work either, said something like ‘AeroCursors file’ not found.

    • Arris says:

      You probably have run install.cmd directly from the archive without unpacking it first. Try to unpack all contents of the zip to some folder first and then run install.cmd. Good luck! 🙂

      • Andrzej says:

        You get this error because when you run CMD script as an administrator it defaults to %windir%system32 directory.
        To run it correctly:
        (1) start CMD as an administrator;
        (2) change the current directory to the location of your unpacked aero_cursors files;
        (3) run ‘install.cmd’.

        Oh, if also you downloaded the files from the Internet (which you did…), it may help if you right click on them and select “Unblock”.

        • AnAndrew says:

          Thank you for your input. I was able to get the install.cmd to work after running cmd as admin, then changing the directory to the location of install.cmd.

  4. minhtan7291 says:

    I can not intall it when i run it in admin privileges??

    • MikeS says:

      I had the same issue getting Access Denied when trying to execute the cmd file. Follow these steps:

      Run the “Local Security Policy” from the Charms -> Search -> select or search for “Policy”
      -or- from the Administrative Tools.

      Local Security Policy
      Security Settings -> Local Policies -> Security Options
      Scroll to the bottom and Disable these 2 policies:

      User Account Control: Run all administrators in Admin Approval mode
      User Account Control: Switch to secure desktop when prompting for elevation

      • ToKro says:

        Hello, i followed this tutorial, and it works, but when I´m logged in my account, (not Adminiostrator because i have still old “win2000” style cursors. So It works in default Administrator account, but when I want use my own account it isnt possible? Because when i run in this account, of course with admin rights, bat file show “Unable to create directory C:/Windows/Cursors” and “Instalation failed, Are you running this installation as Administrator?
        Thanks ToKro
        P.S. Sorry for my bad english I´m from Czech Republic 😉

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