Security Software Compatibility

The table on this page lists all security software for Windows Server 2012 with notes about its installation and workings. If you have an application that is not yet on this list, Please submit it using the form below including information about whether it works and problems/workarounds if any.

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Security Software lists of the previous editions of Windows Server:
# Windows Server 2008 R2
# Windows Server 2008

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16 Responses

  1. jamrobe says:

    Eset Smart Security 9 not working on WindowsServer 2012R2
    Claiming that “This product version is not intended for server operating systems”

    Used the workaround Orca-> ProductType from ess to essbe
    as well as deleted from launch conditions all conditions….

    what else can be done?? or what version did u install?

    thx alot

  2. VV says:


    just tested the avira and it doesn’t work. i get to install the launcher, but when it tries to install the AV it still says that OS is not supported. I found where the downloaded .exe is (programdata folder), i changed also the HighVersionLie properties with the app verifier and it doesn’t work. I even changed the compatibility setting still it doesn’t worked. Any ideas on how to install it ?

  3. Rovan says:

    You guys should update the compatibility post, Avast 2014 works fine on Server 2012 🙂

  4. Masum says:

    avast 8 fir server 2012 download

  5. hoome says:

    How to install in server 2012 Comodo Internet Security version 6.2(ERROR:Comodo Internet Security is not applicable server OS)

  6. Lotusisrael says:

    Make sure, if you SCEP client, that Windows Update is enabled and that no Group Policy disables Windows Update or Windows Defender. WD is not present on WS2012, but SCEP client uses the same service as WD, so you need that to be enabled. Go on Group Policy ( gpedit.msc ) on Computer Configuration – Administrative Templates – Windows Components – Windows Defender. In there, disable all the three „Turn Off” policies.

  7. Aikimox says:


    You are the man! I’ve wasted so much time trying to figure this out. Tried tricking MSE4 and other AV’s but it didn’t work. Eventually installed the SCEP client and it worked!

    Toda Ahi!

  8. Tom says:

    I have downloaded the package and was following your steps but for me it is still not working 🙁 Not able to download updates via MS Update….

    • Lotusisrael says:

      Before uninstallation and reinstalation, have un run a registry cleaner, such CCleaner, Auslogics Registry Cleaner or TuneUp? Have you looked after reinstallation on the update tab of the SCEP to see when the last update took place? On my PC it updates itself automaticly, and this does not appear on the Windows Update list.

  9. Tom says:


    on my Server Updates are not working. How have you solved this issue? Everytime when i click on update i get an error.
    Virus and Spyware definitions update failed 0x80070490
    I think there must be somthing changed in the GPO or in the registry to force Windows Update…but i’m not able to fix this and manually updates are not a solution…

    Wbr & thanks

    • Lotusisrael says:

      If you refer only to this antivirus, take that achive, unzip it, go where I said and install. Do not move the installer file from the archive when you install, so that it will register with Microsoft Update and not be forced to install definitions manually (even if thoose are available on a search on the Microsoft website or on Softpedia).

  10. Bala says:

    Microsoft System Center 2012 starts the download of 9 files in total – can you please share which of these has the Microsoft Security Essentials?

    Also I have never used Unthreat – any feedback on it’s effectiveness?


    • Lotusisrael says:

      If you download it from Softpedia, you only get one archive file. But if you took from it from Microsoft, look into the archive labeled ”ConfigMgr_SCEP_2012_SP1_CTP_7743”. After you unzip it, go inside the folder ”SMSSETUP”, then, inside it, in the folder ”CLIENT”. The installer file is SCEPInstall.
      Before discoverig SCEP (MSE), I found Unthreat to be compatible, but had a tendency to slow down the PC. I kept it only for a short period of time, one day or two, no viruses detected, but this does not mean that it is not effective.

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