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Start Screen Alternatives

While many are trying to get used to the new Start screen, others immediately want to get the classic Start menu back. The list of alternatives for the Start screen can be found here...


Boot to Classic Desktop

After installing the Desktop Experience feature, Windows Server 2012 will automatically boot to the Start screen. Thanks to Igal Tabachnik with his post at the hmemcpy Blog, it is possible to automatically boot to...


Windows 8 UI Internet Explorer

Even after installing the Desktop Experience feature, the Internet Explorer tile in the Start screen still runs Internet Explorer on the classic desktop. This registry hack will make Internet Explorer run as Windows 8...


Visual Effects and Thumbnails

By default Windows Server is not really configured for visual glamor. The Start screen and menus aren’t animated and in Windows Explorer no thumbnails of images are shown. This page will guide you through...


Desktop Experience

To fully get the Windows 8 experience to Windows Server 2012, Microsoft added the possibility to install this as a feature. This will install additional desktop applications and add several GUI improvements. Installing this...

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