Installing Windows Photo Viewer

5.4 Installing Windows Photo Viewer

Windows Server 2016 and 2019 doesn’t come with the Windows Photo Viewer enabled by default. Images usually open in Microsoft Paint – which isn’t very convenient when you want to quickly flick through your family snaps. Whilst the binaries and extensions are indeed present – you have to add a few items to the registry to bring the functionality back.

I must also say thanks to Leee Jeffries’ blog too for the .ZIP file.

1) Firstly download this .ZIP file and extract to your desktop:

2) Double click “Restore_Windows_Photo_Vewer.reg” and accept any User Account Control prompts:

3) Confirm you wish to import the settings:

4) Now when you double click a picture type for the first time; you will be asked which application you want to open it with. Select “Windows Photo Viewer” and check the “Always use this app to open … files” box:

5) And we have it, a very grainy photo of me at a concert opened in Windows Photo Viewer:

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