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Windows Workstation Converter Guide

Automation Converter Guide Automating the majority of the conversion process makes the transition from Server to Workstation a lot easier. Whilst currently there are a few things missing – the automation script carries out...


Windows 2016 Workstation Converter

Automatically Convert Your Server to a Workstation I have been hard at work trying to automate the majority of the conversion, but some things are proving to be a bit tricker than you’d expect...


Missing App DLLS

5.3 – Installing Missing Application DLLs To be updated as and when issues may arise. If you have any queries or suggestions, please type them below and we’ll see what we can do:


Disabling DEP

7.1 – Disable DEP For security reasons, Windows Server 2016 by default has enabled Data Execution Prevention (DEP) for all applications and services. This can lead to problems when running certain games and applications. 1) Right click...


Taskbar Grouping

6.3 – Disabling Taskbar Grouping For some reason when Microsoft decided to group TaskBar icons, allowing more to fit – I have never personally liked it as it can make navigating numerous opening windows difficult....


Enabling Desktop Icons

6.2 – Enabling Desktop Icons As with most versions of Microsoft Windows, the desktop appears to be quite sparse. By default, the only icon is the Recycle Bin – making navigation slightly more difficult when browsing...


Visual Effects and Thumbnails

6.1 – Enabling Visual Effects and Thumbnails By default Windows Server 2016 is not really configured for visual glamor. Whilst themes etc. are now installed by default as opposed to previous versions of Windows Server (where they...


Enabling Memory Compression

5.2 – Enabling Memory Compression Windows 10 introduces a layer between the pagefile and normal paging activity which allows for the compression of all pages moved to the modified list. This means that when MM feels memory...


Performance for Applications

5.1 – Optimize Performance for Applications Windows Server is built to be used as a serving operating system. Therefore by default, priority is given to background services instead of Windows applications. To increase the responsiveness of applications,...


Enabling Adobe Flash Player

4.2 – Enabling Adobe Flash Player Support in Internet Explorer One thing to note with Windows Server 2016 is that by default, Adobe Flash Player does not work with Internet Explorer. As with Windows...

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