Disabling Ctrl+Alt+Del

3.1 – Disabling Ctrl+Alt+Del Requirements at Logon

Another of the default requirements of any Windows Server
environment is the need to press Ctrl+Alt+Del at the login
screen. This is a security feature to ensure rogue apps
aren”t disguising themselves – potentially stealing your
credentals. As we are using this server as a workstation, we
can safely disable this requirement for convenience.

1) In the search box (magnifying glass on the TaskBar) type
Local Security Policy” and open the app.

Open the Local Security Policy

2) Expand “Local Policies“, “Security
” and double click “Interactive
Logon: Do not require CTRL+ALT+DEL
“. Change the
checkbox to “Enabled” and click “OK“:

Expand Hive

3) Close the window and restart your PC

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