Disabling I.E. Enhanced Security Configuration

4.1 – Disabling Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration

By default, Windows Server 2016 protects against attacks via
the browser by greatly limiting the browsers’ possibilities.
This is useful for servers, however if you want to use it
for normal web browsing, it is desired to turn this security
feature off to ensure it is compatible with all websites;
like Windows 10.

1) Open “Server Manager” and click “Local
” on the left.
On the right you have the option “IE Enhanced
Security Configuration
” (red), which is set to “On“:

Server Manager

2) Set both options to “Off” and click “OK“:

Disable IE ESC

3) When you open Internet Explorer your home page is quite
scary, warning you the configuration has been disabled:

IE ESC Warning

4) You can change the homepage to anything you want by
clicking the cogwheel to the top right (red), “Internet
” and enter a homepage(s), i,e.

IE Homepage

5) Next time you open Internet Explorer, your home page has
been changed:

IE Homepage Changed

6) Internet Explorer will now function exactly as it would
on Windows 10

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