Disabling Shutdown Event Tracker

3.3 – Disabling the Shutdown Event Tracker

When you shut down Windows Server 2016, you have to provide
a reason. This logs the reason in the Event Viewer to make
diagnosing / tracing reboots easier when investigating problems. Of
course when you use Windows Server 2016 as a desktop, you
don”t want to have to choose it every time.

1) Click the search box (magnifying glass on the TaskBar)
and type “Edit Group Policy” which will
open the Group Policy Editor:

Open Group Policy

2) Expand “Computer Configuration“, “Administrative
“, “System” and double
click “Display Shutdown Event Tracker“:

3) Set “Display Shutdown Event Tracker” to
Disabled” and click “OK“:

4) Reboot your PC for this to take effect.

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