Disabling Strong Password Enforcement

3.2 – Disabling Strong Password Enforcement

By default Microsoft Windows Server 2016 enforces users in
the Administrators group to use strong passwords. Home users
often just want to create their own passwords or leave even
them blank. To do this, you need to change a policy on the

1) In the search box (magnifying glass on the TaskBar) type
Local Security Policy” and open the app.

Open Local Security Policy

2) Expand “Account Settings“, “Password
” and double click “Password must
meet complexity requirements
On the selection box,
choose “Disabled” and click “OK“:

Disable Complexity

3) Double cick “Maximum Password Age” and
set it to 0 days. This will stop the password from
expiring, preventing the need to reset it every few weeks:

Set Password Not to Expire

4) You may even wish to use your computer without a
password. If so, make sure “Minimum password length
is set to 0 characters.

Set Min Length

5) Reboot your PC for the settings to take effect

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