Windows Workstation Converter Guide

Automation Converter Guide

Automating the majority of the conversion process makes the transition from Server to Workstation a lot easier. Whilst currently there are a few things missing – the automation script carries out the majority of tasks. This is achieved by a set of PowerShell scripts called from a single launcher. There are two ways you can run the automation converter:

* You can download the .ZIP file which contains both a pre-configured self-extracting .EXE and a second .ZIP file which contains all the source scripts used during the process.

The self-extracting .EXE installs the files temporarily, makes the changes to your system then cleans up afterwards.

You also have a log folder which may help diagnose issues if there are any during the process.

Let’s get Started!

** Using the Self Extracting .EXE **
1) Download the .ZIP file and save to a location such as your Desktop.

2) Open the .ZIP file and extract “Win2016Workstation Converter Automatic.EXE“.

3) You can now delete the .ZIP file from your system.

4) Right click the .EXE downloaded file and choose “Run as Administrator“:


** Extracting and running from the .ZIP file **
1) Download “Win2016WorkstationConverterV*.*.ZIP” and save to a location such as your desktop.

2) Open the .ZIP file and copy the “Win2016Workstation Converter Source.ZIP” to the desktop

3) Right click “Win2016Workstation Converter Source.ZIP” and choose “Extract All…

4) Once extracted open the folder and locate “Start Here.cmd

5) Right click and choose “Run as Administrator“:


Once ready, you can choose whether to let the script automate every task with little user input, or you can choose to select each step along the way. If you choose to do this manually, you will have to confirm each step whether you want the script to carry out the action. If you choose to configure automatically, all scripts will run – only asking you for input when required:

You can specify a Computer Name:

Specify Owner and Organization:



Wireless Networking Installing:

Disabling DEP Will Fail if you have Secure UEFI Boot Enabled!:


Changing the Administrator Username:

Finally your machine will need to be rebooted for the settings to take effect:


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