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Windows Server 2019 vNext, or also known as the LTSC (Long Term Service Channel), is now available for Insiders to test. Windows Server vNext aims to keep Windows Server inline with the client release of Windows 10. As a result a lot of features have changed on Windows Server 2019, however a lot of the posts on Win2016 Workstation are relevant as Windows Server 2016 is also based around Windows 10.
As Windows Server 2019 vNext is still a public Beta, posts on this blog are subject to change so please watch this space!
Like previous versions of Windows Server vNext comes with 2 different SKUs, Datacenter & Standard – either of which can be used as a mainstream desktop. In this guide we will use the Standard edition, however all instructions are the same. Microsoft currently offer the ISO to Insiders which can be downloaded via the Windows Insider Preview Page. Please feel free to ask any questions or share ideas in our comments sections at the bottom of each page.
Table of Contents:
  • 1. Installation, OS Language, Computer Name, Owner Information and Default User Account Name
  • 2. Wireless Networking and Enable Sound
  • 3. Disable Ctrl+Alt+Del at Logon, Password Restrictions and Shutdown Event Tracker
  • 4. Disable IE Enhanced Security and Enable Adobe Flash Player in IE
  • 5. Performance for Applications, Enable Memory Compression and Missing App DLLs
  • 6. Visual Effects/Thumbnails, Add Desktop Icons and Taskbar Grouping
  • 7. Disable DEP
Other Manuals:
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