Security Software

To protect your computer against viruses and hacking attempts you have to install security software. This page will list all sofware that is known to be compatible with Windows Server 2008. If you are using an application that isn’t listed here or if you are aware of an application that absolutely doesn’t work, please add a comment with the <Application Name>, <Version: Home, Business, …>, <Computer Architecture: 32bit or 64bit>, <Website>, and eventually <Known Compatibility Issues>!

More (non) working applications can be found in the Applications Compatibility section at the forum.

* Because some security software only works on x64 or only x86, the architecture has been added. The * means that I don’t know if only x64, x86 or even both are (not) working. Please confirm it!

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242 Responses

  1. bananaphone says:

    Kaspersky Internet security 2015 no worky. 🙁 Modified .msi throws back a warning: it needs to be run from .exe to install.

  2. JimMorrisom says:

    BitDefender Total Security 2014 does not work, not even allowed to install 😕 🙁 😥

  3. SilverSlug says:

    I have F-Prot ffrom Frisk Software International works just fine.

  4. Nekto says:

    Comodo (CIS) works fine.
    Unpack installer, set xpsp2 compability, and cmd line cmdinstall.exe -log -setupname “cispremium_installer.exe” -mode “cispremium” -type “alone”

  5. Anonymous says:

    Regarding how to install Avira Antivir Free Edition Version 12:

    Take a look at halladayrules’s post here:

    Basically it’s extracting the Avira setup archive (avira_setup.exe or something similar) and then using Microsoft Application Verifier to make the extracted installer think it’s running on a workstation

  6. Tabsik says:

    Now, Avast free from v. 6.0.1367 refuses to update even with the shown hack ;(

  7. AntiAntivir says:

    Is there a way to get Avira Antivir Free Edition Version 12 installed on server OS? I am currently using the reg hack upgrade trick from version 9 to 10. That works very well, but Version 12 will not install with known tricks. Neither fresh installation without pre installed versions works nor upgrade installation over version 10. Perhaps there is someone out there who found solution for this. Perhaps there is a way to modify setup.exe or presetup.exe?

  8. CMjoey says:

    I am using ClamWin Free Anti-virus for my Win2k8 32-bit seems work fine,but I am still searching for the real-time protection…Anyone got idea?


  9. tekker says:

    Just installed MSE on Server 2008 R2 x64 standard today. No tweaks etc.

  10. ryanmch says:

    To follow on E_T’s post, MSE 2 does in fact work on Win Server 2008. I am running Enterprise x86. MSE 2 installed and is working with no probs, tweaks, hacks, etc.

  11. E_T says:

    Microsoft Security Essentials 2 works on Server 2008 R2. I have it installed and working. No problems, tweaks, hacks, work-arounds needed. Supposedly it works on Server 2008 but I haven’t tried it.

  12. Avira User says:

    In order to install latest (10) version of Avira Free PE:

    1. Download Avira 9 []

    2. Use the known hack to install Avira Antivir 9:
    1.) Start => Run => Regedit
    2.) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE => SYSTEM => CurrentControlset => Control
    3.) Now change the permissions of the folder “ProductOptions” => add your user account (for example ComputernameUsername) and deny yourself the read rights for the whole folder. Be careful not to deny the whole rights for all administrators or something like that (I tried that first cause of a black out and it leads to windows not being able to boot).

    3. Install Antivir PE 9

    4. Leave the hack (not sure if needed)

    5. Run the Antivir 10 Installer

    6. It should upgrade Antivir 9 to 10 successfully.

    7. Remove the hack

    Good Luck!

    Arris: Very well explained, thank you for your comment! 🙂

  13. Freddy says:

    Hi again Finally I found 64 bit AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011.

    But sadly it did not work for me still same error.

    hope some1 got a solution.

    Thanx Freddy

  14. Freddy says:

    HI were can I find AVG 2011 64 bit?
    The only I can find ends whit an error. And it doesent say anywhere if its 32 or 64 bit.

    Thanx for all the fine work I love server 2008.

  15. norbbbo says:

    I can confirm the raynet’s post: on my w2008 workstation AVG 2011 free edition works fine without any tricks. Avoid the 32 bits version, it will break off the installation with an error.

    Thanks Raynet and thanks AVG technologies!!

  16. raynet says:

    AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011 works without any tricks atleast on the 64bit version.

  17. Lennard Strohmeyer says:

    I found out, that you can install Avast! 5 using the Registry tweak, but than you can’t update it. So I wrote a program, which manually updates Avast! 5.
    Download link:

    if it doesn’t work:

    Arris: Nice work, very useful for many people! Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  18. JohnDoe says:

    Got Kaspersky KIS 2011 to work with 2008 R2 Enterprise x64 doing it like No. 201

  19. joe_camel says:

    BitDefender Antivirus 2010 works with Win2008R2 x64. It will initially error out saying it’s only compatible with XP/Vista/7, so you have to be wily as they only give you a very small exe that downloads the bdav.msi from their site. Once the install fails if you go edit the msi in your temp internet files, and take the [1] out of the filename, it works like a champ!

  20. Cruelsister says:

    I should have added that Comodo only supports 32bit OS’es.

  21. Cruelsister says:

    Comodo has come out with version 4.1.something of their FREE Internet Security Suite. Although according to them Server2008 is not supported I gave it a try.

    Installation was quick and nice. To see if it worked I sent myself some emailed malware which was blocked in all instances. I browsed to some zero day malware sites and Defense Plus blocked all. All ports stealthed.

    So it seems this package works fine (at a total RAM use of less than 20,000K and little CPU use. This really may be the best security package available. To see it tested, check out Languy99’s video on it:

  22. wolfi.thomas says:

    I don’t get it work on Server 2008 R1. Any tipps or advises?

  23. Daniel says:

    Thanks a lot wsecluded! Avast 5 working perfectly here with your steps above!

  24. Joe says:

    PC Tools Firewall Plus works under x64 Windows SRV 2008 ENT. Flawlessly.

  25. Anonymous says:

    new version of avira wont work on server 2008 r2, even with reg hack

  26. Valorisa says:


    Doesn’t work with W2K8 R1 unfortunately.

    Avast 5 for the installation : OK
    Avast 5 for the updates : no good

  27. Security says:

    I do agree that Sophos has some fantastic products that stack up right alongside with the big boys. I run Avira at home and AVG on my work machine, but my company uses Sophos mainly.

  28. Antivirus says:

    I would definitely recommend going with Sophos for these solutions. My organization has been running their security software for several years now and I cannot even imagine how it could perform any better for us.

  29. wsecluded says:

    Got Avast 5 working on R2, with updates and all, by changing the three avast services to log on as a local account (as opposed to the “Local System” account). To do this, create a new account, make it a member of “Administrators”, do Scimitar’s “Deny Read” registry hack against the new account, temporarily disable the Avast! self-defense module (in settingstroubleshooting within the Avast GUI), open server manager and assign the new account to all three avast services, restart the services, re-enable self-defense, enjoy.

    For reference, here are Scimitar’s reg hack instructions:

    “Thanks to the process monitor which was mentioned in another thread I’ve found a way to install Antivir Personal Edition which I want to share with you.

    It’s pretty simple and might work with other programms which check for a Server OS and deny the installation too.

    1.) Start –> Run –> Regedit
    2.) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE –> SYSTEM –> CurrentControlset –> Control
    3.) Now change the permissions of the folder “ProductOptions” –> add your user account (for example ComputernameUsername) and deny yourself the read rights for the whole folder. Be careful not to deny the whole rights for all administrators or something like that (I tried that first cause of a black out and it leads to windows not being able to boot).
    4.) Now you should be able to install Antivir PE

    In case you want to revert the permission settings just log to your administrator account. Here you can again grant your user account full rights for “ProductOptions”.

    Up until now I didn’t notice any drawbacks but I won’t garantie that there might be some.”

    *** Firewall

  30. afwsl2003 says:

    as gasapi says in post 201 …. it work fine … i tried that method when installing KIS 2010 …. no probs at all …

    enjoy … 😉

  31. Dant says:

    tried installing G DATA InternetSecurity 2009, installed fine. upon restart i was met with a BSOD. checking the event viewer in safe mode, the G DATA drivers and services were the cause of it, disabled everything from auto-start and system booted fine

    im using 2k8 R2 x64 and have yet to find a firewall that doesnt do this, really dont wanna be stuck with windows firewall

  32. Levent says:

    I beg your pardon about Comodo. I installed Free Comodo Internet Security (Firewall and Antivirus) and running on Windows Server 2008.

    Comodo Firewall is number one. And Comodo Antivirus is same as Kaspersky. I tested on it my an infetected old CD and Comodo is the best.

    You may use Comodo Internet Security.

    ( CIS_Setup_3.13.120417.573_XP_Vista_x32.exe )

  33. Levent says:

    Free Moon Secure runs (but slow down computer, don’t use).

    Bitdefender Total Security is not for servers, not running.

    IO-Bit Security 360 is working. (Big brother of AWC/ASC 3)

  34. Levent says:

    Sorry, I forgot to write my name.

    Zone Alarm Firewall with Antivirus Edition is working. (good)

    Free Online Armor Firewall (-) is working. (good)

    Free Comodo Firewall is not running, it is better than Online Armor Free Edition, but it is not working.

    I use Windows Server 2008 (x86) Firewall.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Eset Smart Security Business Edition 4.0.467 antivirus + firewall working. But it is not free.

    PC Tools Free Edition is working realtime (poor realtime).

    a-Squared Free Edition is working (not realtime, but good for weekly scanning)

    GNU ClamWin Free Edition is working (not realtime, but good for weekly scanning).

  36. Mike says:

    @216: Comodo firewall and Spybot run fine for me, WS2K8 x64 (SP1).

  37. Contrive says:

    ZoneAlarm 8 and Clamwin 0.95.3 work well on WS2K8 x64

    Comodo does not

    Spybot S&D installs but has errors in starting the service.

  38. Jon says:

    CPJ is right. We need a new workaround for the new AVG 9.0, which will be a required upgrade by mid-December or else we will have to look at other antivirus software (But I’d rather keep AVG!)

  39. CPJ says:

    AVG 9.0 Doesn’t work with the above fix. You can edit the .exe file as described above and replace the 2 instances of the key name but it still complains that you’re installing on a server, so there is some further check taking place

  40. Amuzed2pieces says:

    I am using the Free PC Tools Anti-virus sucessfully on Server 2008 x64 without any hacks, but I had to run it in compatability mode for X/P.

    BitDefender Antivirus 2010 (not trial) does not install on Server x64
    Kaperskey Antivirus 2010 did not install.
    Avast did not install.

    By the way, this is one of the most thorough websites I have ever seen. Microsoft should make a workstation version of Server 2008 that has an easy set up wizard for all the options listed here… and then send you a fat check for your work. Great Job.

  41. Havenger says:

    Avast 4 Home works @ server 2008 r2 ! I have installed with compatiblity mode in windows 98 / me and at the moment i just run the security test on all drives. i hope the best that works forever so good ( sorry my english is not so good ! ) …

  42. Krkan says:

    Here is a modified AVG 8.5 installer for everyone that doesn’t want to do it manually.

  43. Geo says:

    Warning! I downloaded the AVG 9.0 beta and tried to use the tweak that worked for 8.5. The tweak has failed because Grisoft has changed the AVG installer. Looks like our days of AVG working on a server OS are numbered.

    As for MSSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) does not install on a Server OS regardless of how many known tweaks to the registry you attempt.

  44. agentclark says:

    avira antivir premium 9 works fine on server 2008 r2 standart x64 with registry hack

  45. raver says:

    Did anybody tried Microsoft Essentials antivirus on Server 2008?

  46. Sam says:

    Bitdefender 2010 Total security x64 seems to work without any issues, meaning better then 2009 (which had from time to time memory issues). You do have to apply the MSI fix.

  47. Shezaudi says:

    Hey guys,

    I installed avg on windows server 2008, with your help. I must say, you guys are the best.

    regards, keep up the good work.

  48. gheo says:

    great one,and well doen.keep up

  49. Someone else says:

    The AVG free hack no longer works, seems the setup program uses a different detection method.

  50. THE area51 says:

    I’m not sure if someone has already said this, but since i found it out on my own and haven’t read about it anywhere on the web:

    Solution to all you gusy wnating to install your legal ESET NOD 32 v 4 smart security / antivirus on server 2008 r1/r2 – it works for both and x86/x64…

    just fetch yout up-to-date home setup version and open the msi installer with the official microsoft orca editor (which is why i am quite sure this workaround can’t be called “illegal” in any way – otherwise they were more than naive)

    get to the Property section – and THE ONLY entry you have to change (which is why i can’t really believe it myself) is “Producttype” and change it from “eav” or “ess” depending on what product you have to “eavbe” or “essbe” – save the msi and start it – yup THERE YOU GO.. it will come up with some normal warning on the first page of setup but it will workt just the way it does on a non-server OS – you do not have the real Business Edition after installation – but still the OS check is deactivated which is what we want.

    Maybe this could be posted to the solutions comment in the above list.
    I hope this helps…

    Arris: Nice one! Haven’t thought about using this kind of workaround, but it sounds very good! 🙂

  51. Snafu says:

    Comodo Firewall for x64 (the free version)3.10.102363 works perfectly on winserver2k8 standard x64 (all updates applied to 8-16-09). I only have the firewall enabled and applications are not able to access the internet. It seems to be working fine with TrendMicro OfficeScan client for Windows 8 sp1.

    Outpost Security Suite was working but it frequently would stop inbound traffic after the system was up for 3+ days with torrent traffic.

  52. gasapi says:

    Installing Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 on Windows Server 2008
    Want to install KIS09 on your Windows2008 Workstation 🙂

    Do this

    1. Download
    2. Extract and rename “Orca_Msi.FD66E721_5AA0_41BC_AA26_1EC8F7FA1175” to Orca.msi and install
    3. Start kis8.0.0.454en.exe and while its running from your temp folder copy the msi it creates, ill call it kis8.0.0.454en.exe.msi.
    4. Open kis8.0.0.454en.exe.msi with Orca
    5. Delete the following Actions in Tables.
    a. Table: InstallExecuteSequence
    – ErrorIncompatibleOSSet
    – ErrorIncompatibleOSShow
    – ErrorIncompatibleOSTypeSet
    – ErrorIncompatibleOSTypeShow
    – ErrorIncompatibleOSTypeWrite
    – ErrorIncompatibleOSWrite
    b. Table: InstallUISequence
    – ErrorIncompatibleOSShow
    – ErrorIncompatibleOSTypeShow
    6. Save and Run.

  53. Cruelsister says:

    Sorry- I should expand on the above about A-squared. The current version is 4.0, and has the A2 antimalware engine plus Ikarus AV. On most reputable Malware tests sites A2 ver 4 is usually in one of the top spots (along with Avira and G-Data).

  54. Cruelsister says:

    I just installed A-Squared AntiMalware (by Emsi Software and it’s running fine.

  55. FromAndromeda says:

    I’m using CA e-Trust Antivirus v8.1 x64. Works just fine right out of the box.

  56. 2008 runs great.... says:

    Sphinx Win7/Vista Firewall control works great with the Windows Server 2008 Firewall. Tested with Server 2008 Standard x86

  57. Win 2008User says:

    BitDefender Total Security 2009 can’t be installed on WinServer 2008 64bits. ‘not the OS’. Can’t do the MSI trick neither because it just have only one EXE file to install. Any ideas?.

  58. Febin says:

    The newest version of comodo (3.10 i think) works fine without any problems on my 32bit system

  59. TheMadHacker says:

    Hey yall….finally got a blog up about my server experiences….files and resources available!

  60. cruelsister says:

    I have been trying out an excellent program called Online Armor. It comes as a freeware Firewall as well as a Firewall +HIPS (which is what I am using). I’ve tested it against many things in my malware collection (including a selection of keyloggers and screen capture trojans) and it has performed superbly.

    It runs pretty light at a RAM burden of less than 20,000K with minimal CPU usage. The only problem I’ve encountered has been with Firefox 3.6alpha1 (won’t always let it connect). Other than that it is great!

  61. crowdaddy says:

    Zonealarm Internet Security 8.0 installed and run OK on Winserver 2008 x64.

    It warned before installation that is not intended for server OS, but installed without any problems and so far runs OK.

  62. Microsoft Forefront Client Security AntiVirus work on both 32-bit & 64-bit Windows 2008 Enterprise Server ***Tested & Confirmed***

    Arris: Thanks for your comment, added it to the list! 🙂

  63. onthefly says:

    NOD32 2.70.39 works OK !!!

  64. NikWest says:

    Just thought i’d add that I have PC Tools free antivirus & intelliguard installed & running, without a hitch on Enterprise Edition Server 2008 x64.

    I did want to install F-Secure Internet Security, but when I tried it said that it could not be installed on a windows server OS…Can anyone point me in the direction of a workaround for this??


  65. flukey says:


    After a clean install of Vista SP2 & Server 2008 SP2 with Outpost Firewall 2009 being the first application installed…

    Agntium Outpost Firewall 2009 crashes explorer.exe (event id 1000 /shell32.dll) upon right click on folder in navigation pane (EVERYTIME 100% fail) & sometimes upon right click of normal files.

    **Solution: Install WITHOUT Web Control & Anti-Spyware Modules

    Also Agntium Outpost Firewall 2009 installation throttles Phenom II quad core performance as if it has TLB issue. Reduces processor bandwith to about 300kbs versus 1600-1800kbs (Tested with phenomII 920 2.8ghz). Upon uninstall, processor functionality is returned to normal. I havent found any workaround to this issue yet.

    Arris: Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

  66. Frondownik says:

    ClamWin Free Antivirus works correctly on Windows 2008 64x edition. I am using it successfully for a couple of months already. No issues.

  67. Mike says:

    I see references in here to R2. I have not found R2 yet and I looked through the MS websites. I have found RC2 which states this is a Release Candidate. I think some of my install problems might be related to an older version Win2008.

    Arris: Most people are still working with Windows Server 2008 RTM, however there are already people who are working with the beta of the successor of Server 2008 named Windows Server 2008 R2. The RC2 you found is the 2nd Release Candidate of Windows Server 2008, so a beta version before the Release To Manufacturer (RTM).

  68. skypilott2 says:

    …I might add, Rising AV is free!

  69. skypilott2 says:

    I can happily report that Rising AV installs (and updates) fine on Server 2008 R2 w/Hyper-V (64-bit, of course).

  70. silverfire says:

    avast! Server works on x64

  71. Lorentzen says:

    pctools AV does not work for On-access scanning in Windows 2008 x64. The website indicates only support for 32-bit anyways. So we should probably update the compatibility sheet.

  72. Davin Basi says:

    Just tried to install the latest version of Comodo (CIS_Setup_3.8.65951.477_XP_Vista_x32.exe) from and I still get the “The Installed Operating System is not supported by COMODO Firewall Pro.” error.

    Any help much appreciated!


  73. squishy says:

    Another way to install Kaspersky Antivirus / Internet Security or any other .msi that gives an error about incompatible OS can be found here:

    The link uses Orca from Microsoft to remove the Incompatible OS error messages from the .msi.

    You can do it yourself, so you won’t have to run any fishy scripts or apps and it works perfectly!

  74. Henrik says:

    ZoneAlarm definitely ruined my Windows 2008 install. It even ruined it twice. First the computer couldn’t reach the login screen, the second time it ruined my network. There was no way I would get the network to work again except reinstalling Windows.

  75. Anonymous says:

    PC Tools Free Antivirus DOES NOT work on x64. It claims it does not work on 64-bit during install.

  76. Chris says:

    BitDefender Total Security 2009 x64 installs and works flawlessly

  77. Allan says:

    will Tomass be nice enough to create the custom installation package for this one as well AVG 8.5

  78. Nite says:

    AVG 8.5 just released, and the same exact method that Anon said above works on it just fine for Server 2008

    Arris: Updated your post 😉

  79. silverfire says:

    Sorry for the double post — I meant v4.8 and here’s a screenshot:

  80. silverfire says:

    avast! Server Edition v4.7 works on x64 Enterprise.

  81. Somebody says:

    Updates Avast! program modules in addition to antivirus databases:

  82. robmal says:

    I think AVG are wise to the work around to install AVG Free on Server 2008 – that is the modded files supplied by Tomass installed for me but now fail to update…

    Maybe they are blocking the serial for that particular file?

    Anyway, rolling your own; using the up-to-date Free edition .exe with regedit and a hex editor still installs and updates AOK 🙂

  83. Somebody says:

    Updater for Avast! in C# with registry user rights trick:
    FreeTextHost: AvastUpd.cs

    Arris: I putted the code on FreeTextHost for tidiness and to have the right quotes. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  84. Trypho says:

    The newest Comodo Internet Security installed without any problem on server 2008 R2.

  85. Steven says:

    Spyware Doctor is now 64bit

  86. Primetime says:

    G-Data Internet Security 2009 x64 – no problems so far!

  87. Pyromane says:

    Mhh.. for me AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition don’t work properly ;(
    Every time the Virus Scan is at its end, the Computer Crashes with a Kernel_Stack_Inpage_Error.
    MfG Pyromane

  88. Matt says:

    10 years online and I’ve never been infected. Hell, I didn’t even have an infected file on my PC’s until last winter (email attatchment – but I knew it was suspicious).
    I don’t even know why I bother with antivirus anymore.
    You might as well just use a rescue CD and scan.

  89. Steven says:

    Spybot – Search & Destroy works very fine on x86. No problems so far.

  90. noyb says:

    P.S. This was the 64bit version and I used the AVG (cough) modification. AVG itself appeared to work fine.

  91. noyb says:

    On Windows Server 2008 R2 if you use AVG any outbound rules you set in Windows Firewall will not work.
    (I set up a profile to block all outgoing traffic and then added rules to allow individual apps such as IE. These worked fine before AVG was installed and after it was uninstalled.)
    I don’t know if this also applies to Windows Server 2008.

  92. Steven says:

    AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition works on Windows Server 2008 x64. I have tested it.

  93. Sarfaraz says:

    Well Guys I tried F-Secure For Virus & Anti Maleware Working Fine But I Have no Idea About Firewall Because I Did Not Try Yet, If Any of You Know About Which Firewall Is Working Good Let Me Know For Running Win2k8 As Cable Internet Server.

  94. Cruelsister says:

    I really suggest that people check out a program called Zemana Antikeylogger. All AV’s and almost all HIPS are totally ineffective against keyloggers, and Zemana’s product is superb for this.

    They are currently giving a free 1 year license with the code BETA_10.
    It can be found at and works great in Server 2008.

  95. astatke says:

    You may include Windows Live OneCare for Server( in your list of anti-virus programs. I am going to install it and will make further comments later.

  96. catwiesel says:

    PCTools Spyware Doctor v6

    works fine on SVR2008 32-Bit Standard (german)
    No Problems to install with Serial.
    No Problems to run the application.

  97. catwiesel says:

    McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.5

    works on SVR2008 32-Bit Standard.

  98. Rick says:

    Panda Antivirus Pro 2009 does not work on server 2008 (both x64 and x86)

  99. TigrisGaul says:


    What worked for me

    *** Anti-Virus I picked Avira AntiVir Personal

    You need to do the below in order to install. Or you will get a not supported OS message.

    Credit goes to Scimitar

    “Thanks to the process monitor which was mentioned in another thread I’ve found a way to install Antivir Personal Edition which I want to share with you.

    It’s pretty simple and might work with other programms which check for a Server OS and deny the installation too.

    1.) Start –> Run –> Regedit
    2.) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE –> SYSTEM –> CurrentControlset –> Control
    3.) Now change the permissions of the folder “ProductOptions” –> add your user account (for example ComputernameUsername) and deny yourself the read rights for the whole folder. Be careful not to deny the whole rights for all administrators or something like that (I tried that first cause of a black out and it leads to windows not being able to boot).
    4.) Now you should be able to install Antivir PE

    In case you want to revert the permission settings just log to your administrator account. Here you can again grant your user account full rights for “ProductOptions”.

    Up until now I didn’t notice any drawbacks but I won’t garantie that there might be some.”

    *** Firewall
    I am still looking for please post a comment suggesting one

  100. VistaUser says:

    #146 is correct. I was messing around with different tokens.dat files and, as it turns out, I had vista’s tokens.dat file activated at the time I installed McAfee AV. I apologize for any confusion.

  101. AWYN says:

    -ADIVCE for the ADMIN: would be good to see, which software is free or has some kind of license…

    a low bow for this site, helped me only! THANKS!

    love my little server2k8 🙂

    Arris: I’m glad you enjoy win2008workstation/the website! 🙂 To find the free products just do a CTRL+F at this page and search for “free” 😉

  102. joelpt says:

    PeerGuardian2 RC1 for Vista will install and work on Server 2008 x86, but it has some issues. Primarily, it will just stop blocking IPs sometimes (this may only occur upon restarting PG2).

    A PG2 loader for Vista has been created here to help with this issue:

    In my case, I have opted to stop using PG2 entirely, because I’m just not comfortable having my peer-blocker decide to stop working at random. While the loader helped with this issue dramatically, it still occurs at times.

    Instead, I am now using Blocklist Manager to download and export blocklists. I only need PG2 for uTorrent here, and fortunately uTorrent has a built-in IP filtering capability that works well with the BLM generated blocklists. You can set this up by having BLM auto export to %AppData%uTorrentipfilter.dat in the EMule list format.

    Right clicking in uT’s logger pane will allow you to enable logging of blocked IPs so you can see that it is actually working. You can create a test ipfilter.dat containing just “”, restart uT (or right click in the Peers pane and Reload IPFilter) and examine the log to ensure you’ve got it set up right. You might also need to set ipfilter.enable to True in uT’s advanced settings page.

  103. Don Demsak says:

    Don’t believe VstaUser’s comment. McAfee VirusScan Plus DOES NOT install on Windows Server 2008 x64. The trial version does not install, and the CD version will also not install (at least it does not install without any hacks). You will get a “Not supported on this OS” message.

  104. VstaUser says:

    McAfee VirusScan Plus 2009 works in server 2008 x64. I downloaded the trial version from their web-site and it didn’t want to install on a server. However, I bought a full version at BestBuy and it installed just fine from the CD and has been working great for a week.

  105. Orlando says:

    Kaspersky 2009: I forgot, you can get Orca at:

  106. Orlando says:

    Kaspersky 2009: As Christine said: All you have to remove is 4 lines from the msi using Orca. Go to the Edit menu, then Find and look for “operating system is not” (that’s enough). Remove the 4 lines corresponding to the error message.

  107. DigiDude says:

    TrendMicro Internet Security 2009 v17.0.0.1224 Trial downloaded from their website on 12-1-2008 installs on my Win2008 64Bit Enterprise installation.

    UPDATE: 12-9-2008 – on my December 3rd, 2008 at 14:19 posting.

    Good news – this antivirus software now appears to be working correctly. I believe it automatically installed an update that has enabled it to work properly, for whatever reason. It seems to complete scans to 100% now.

    Further, it detected and handled the test virus “eicar.exe” as I would have expected. See for more information on this test virus.

  108. jdusc200 says:

    SpyWare Blaster 4.1 (great companion to SpyBot S&D) installs and runs fine on Server 2008 Standard x64.

  109. jdusc200 says:

    Avira Personal Edition Premium 8.0 will install on Server 2008 x64 Standard with the known reg hacks but the on-access scanner service will not start, so it makes an otherwise fine product useless on this platform.

    McAfee Enterprise 8.7i (I believe 8.5i has already been mentioned as working), however, runs like a champ. It has a native 64 bit scan engine and both on-access scanning and on-demand scans work as one might expect. Thumbs up for this one on my workstation.

    Arris: Thanks for the info; updated the table.

  110. DigiDude says:

    TrendMicro Internet Security 2009 v17.0.0.1224 Trial downloaded from their website on 12-1-2008 installs on my Win2008 64Bit Enterprise installation.

    It seems to update okay. But, when it does a scan, it jams at about 40% or so, no matter the size of the subdirectory involved.

    Anyone have any ideas about how to solve this problem

  111. Micke says:

    Spyware Doctor 6 does unfortunately not install on windows server 2008 64bit (at least the trial version).

  112. Jonathan says:

    Anyone know how to install Avira Premium Security Suite?
    Some error about a scheduler keeps coming up.

  113. Lucas says:

    Anyone know how install NOD32 version 4 on server 2008? I tried ORCA and an hexdecimal but didn`t work?, tried denied permissions on regedit but also didn`t work…

    any suggestion?

  114. Bryan says:

    I have been using Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 on “Workstation 2008” for about 5 months. Works great. Wanted to let you all know that thru 11/15 Staples is selling the three PC version for $9.99 after rebates.

  115. AtrumAstrum says:

    Jetico Personal Firewall v2 works without any problems at all.

  116. digitill says:

    PC Tools Firewall Plus Free Edition does NOT work on x64, it refused to install claiming its currently not supported by 64-Bit-Windows (“PC Tools Firewall Plus wird von 64-Bit-Windows gegenwärtig nicht unterstützt.”)

  117. Dud says:

    I have children that will be using this computer. What kind of parental software can I use for the internet?

  118. Paul says:

    PC Tools AntiVirus on x64 works…

  119. RS says:

    Vipre from Sunbelt Software installs and runs without issue and is officially supported. I’m trying it now and it seems OK. The only issue I’ve seen is a bug when doing a “Deep” scan with anti-rootkit detection included. It hangs the machine. This is apparently a know bug and Sunbelt is working on it. The demo is free and there is no differentiation in price b/tw workstation and server OSes.

  120. Kev. says:

    Ok, wow, I need a spellchecker…
    one: perfectly^
    two: I’m on the 32-bit version of S2k8.

  121. Kev. says:

    I tend to be a proponent of open-source, so naturally I went with ClamWin…

    Works perfetly!

    Ya know… the server edition of Vista really is a heck of a lot better. It doesn’t feel like it is analyzing ever move I make to make sure it is ok by Microsoft.

  122. Anonymous says:

    The 8th post posted on Wed May 28, 2008 9:27 pm says Avast! Home should also be compatible:

    “The installation of Avast Home works with this registry tweak too”

    Arris: You are right, thanks for notifying! 🙂

  123. nano says:

    Thanks so much, #113!

    I previously had assumed that virus scanners checked their own files (e.g. MD5), to see prior to their installation if they are intact.

    Luckily, this is not the case with AVG Free. Just modified the installer using a hex editor, added the registry keys and values and it installed and updated its definitions just fine on a 2008 machine.

    Thanks again! Saved my day!

  124. antony says:

    CA eTrust Antivirus Version: 7.1.192

    Windows Server 2008 Enterprise 32bit

    I am running the client only… runs the Vet engine. This is like a corporate version maybe I got from work… didn’t ask for cd keys.

  125. Anonymous says:

    Any reason why the Windows Firewall wouldn’t be enough? It seems to be lot better than the one that came with XP sp2

  126. Geo says:

    There is one last thing I would like to add to the beginning of the Anon person’s steps.

    You may have to “extract” the .exe file you download from AVG’s website in order to find the avgsetup.exe (yes it’s an exe inside an exe). You should either use 7-ZIP or Universal extractor. Extract to a subdirectory and inside that directory, you will find the avgsetup.exe that the Anon person was referring to.

  127. WRACK says:

    In response to Raj’s comment at

    I just tried the steps and I had no issues logging back in. I also tried it several times just to make sure. Not sure what settings you have but my Windows Firewall is turned OFF.

    Again just my 2c.

  128. WRACK says:

    In response to

    I have been using ZoneAlarm Free on Server 2008 (32bit) for a while now and I have been using FF(3.0.2) and IE7, never had that internet connection hang issue. I can kill any process fine too.

    Just my 2c.

  129. remixedcat says:

    I tried the avast antivirus server version 4. and it does not update. it says something about the module not being loaded. But it is. It also said when I ran it in x64 that the update module cannot load on this os. It is confuising me and I want to know an alternative that is as good as this I tried eveything. The program works. but the updates do not want to (it is always something about the modules). Any way I could just download the definition file bypassing the program update?

    If not can you recommend a good antivirus program that is really good.

    I also want to know how good that moon antivirus is before I mess with it. Thanks alot!

  130. Another Anonymous says:

    Just a vbscript to force write “WinNT” into the registry key ProductType…

    Run the script below when the setup check for the registry key…

    just kill the wscript process when it’s done !

    Set WshShell = CreateObject( “WScript.Shell” )
    Do While True
    WshShell.RegWrite “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlProductOptionsProductType”, “WinNT”, “REG_SZ”

    Thanks to the first anonymous for the reg tip 😉

    Arris: Nice brute-force trick! 😉 Might work to install some programs that check this key. 🙂

  131. Steve Shockley says:

    Symantec Endpoint Protection works on Server 2008 (x86 and amd64), but it now includes a firewall which explains David’s issues. With that said, I think the new version is crap, they’re turning the corp edition of SAV into the home version. All I want from AV is AV.

    Symantec Antivirus 10.2 also works fine on Server 2008 (and Vista) without any MSI hacks. I wouldn’t run 10.1.x on Windows 6, both Symantec and MS say it’s not compatible.

    Arris: I just tested Symantec Endpoint Protection and the firewall isn’t working well indeed. However you can uncheck it during the installation and so only install the AV software.

  132. pink says:

    outpost firewall 2009 x86 works !!!!

    just disable windows firewall

    run command as administrator
    bcdedit -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

    install outpost firewall 2009 x86
    and be happy :)))

    i just love win2008

  133. Anonymous says:

    Tested the above fix on a x86 installation , worked like a charm

  134. David says:

    I just tried installing Symantec Endpoint Protection V.11.?? onto Windows Server 2008 Standard edition. Installed fine. Everything looked normal then people started complaining about normal small things not working. Internet, printers, file shares. SEP basically shutdown all INBOUND communications to the server. DNS didn’t work, DHCP didn’t work. And for some reason you could open word documents from a file share, but excel files would pop up and error saying unable to open xxxxx.xls. I uninstalled SEP rebooted server and everything worked perfectly. Apperantly the issues I’ve read about from several several months ago haven’t been corrected. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE SEP on WINDOWS SERVER 2008. 32bit versions btw.

  135. Anonymous says:

    I’ve finally figured out how to get AVG Free to install on Server 2008 x64!! Since this is a violation of AVG’s user license, I will remain anonymous however much I’d love to take the credit. Here’s the deal…

    As we all know, AVG Free is set to look at your registry to see if you are a desktop or a server. If it sees that you are a server OS, it tells you during the setup that this is not allowed and you are required to exit the setup. Well, many of us are now using Server 2008 as a desktop system at home for personal use and need our good ole friend AVG Free. After inspecting avgsetup.exe, I found that AVG is looking at the “HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlProductOptionsProductType” key to see whether it is “WinNT” (a desktop OS) or “ServerNT” (a server OS). If it sees “ServerNT” then it fails because it does not allow server installations. If you try and change “ServerNT” to “WinNT”, there are watchdog processes that continually inspect that key and replace it back to “ServerNT” as soon as you change it (literally…try it and see). I tried everything I could to change that temporarily until after the AVG setup, but MS has it pretty well locked. So, here’s how I got around it…

    1) We must get to the avgsetup.exe first and foremost. When you run the original download, it actually extracts a folder to a temp folder. The easiest way to get to it is to run the program and wait until it gets to the first screen then STOP. At the initial setup screen, open task manager, right-click on avgsetup.exe in the processes list and choose “Open file location”. Quit the setup and then copy the entire folder from the temp folder to your desktop for ease of use. The folder contains avgsetup.exe as well as other setup files.

    2) We must create an alternate key that AVG will look at to check whether we are a desktop or server. In regedit (or whatever you use), insert a new key named “ProductOption2” under the “HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetControl” tree. Since I did not want to add any length to the avgsetup.exe upon editing, I simply replaced the “s” in “ProductOptions” with a “2”.

    3) Under that new key of “ProductOption2”, insert a new REG_SZ String named “ProductType” and change it to “WinNT”.

    4) Use a hex editor (I used notepad++ with the hex-editor plugin) to edit avgsetup.exe and replace the two instances of “ProductOptions” within the EXE to “ProductOption2”. Make sure that it matches your key you made in step #2 and also that it does not exceed the length of the original (we dropped the “s” and added a “2”). Changing the EXE forces the setup program to look at your new key instead of the real key.

    5) Save it and run setup as normal. It should go right past the original “You’re installing on a server blah blah” error.

    None that I’ve seen so far. AVG updates work fine and there are several processes running in Task Manager so it seems to be good to go. Also, I downloaded and tested it using the EICAR test virus which AVG gladly took care of.

    Arris: Thanks for your great solution! 🙂 Tomass also followed your instructions and made a custom installation package so you don’t have to fix the installer yourself.

  136. drakekhan says:

    threatfire antivirus works in 32 bit windows only.

  137. Christine says:

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 (downloaded final )will definitely run on x86. You must extract the files, open the .msi in Orca, search for all occurences of “unsupported operating system” (or whatever the error message states), drop those lines (4, I think. Voila! You’ve got it installed.

  138. Edward says:

    I didn’t say that the Trend Micro Internet Security program is not working at all. Only that the program update downloads aren’t being successfully completed.

    This could be an issue with the trial version that I’m trying – maybe it’s not meant to be updated until you pay for the full version. I don’t know.

    Arris: Okay, thanks for your comment. We ‘ll leave it’s compatibility status to working on x64 until someone proofs the opposite! 😉

  139. Edward says:

    I forgot to mention that I’m using Trend Micro Internet Security on the 64-bit version of Windows Server 2008.

    Arris: Ben says that it’s working fine on Windows Server 2008 x64 so the 64bit architecture shouldn’t be the problem…

  140. Mike says:

    The site admin uses the ESET NOD32 business. Will the personal/home version work? In order to download the business version, you have to fill out a long registration form and talk to an ESET sales person before you get to download. Is there another place to download the version that will work? Thanks.

  141. Edward says:

    I’ve successfully installed the trial version of Trend Micro Internet Security but am encountering one MAJOR problem: It’s not updating.

    “Update Progress” indicates that –
    “1. Connecting with the update server” appears to work.
    “2. Downloading the latest update” also appears to work.

    BUT when the download gets to 100%, an error message pops up stating “Unable to update your protection. Make sure your Internet connection works before trying again.” and “Update Progress” never gets to “3.
    installing the latest update on your computer”.

  142. Kralik says:

    Kaspersky 2009 can work on 32-bit Server — you just have to disable DEP/PAE. See the forum posts.

  143. melvin says:

    Strange behavior with Zone Alarm Free.
    After some minutes using Firefox 2.16(or 3.0.1) the internet connection hangs. IE7 has the same problem.
    Other problem… I can´t kill firefox and/or IE after this!

  144. hannubys says:

    Everytime i tried kaspersky on virtual machine, the installation went fine and on reboot the OS hang on the desktop. there is nothing i can do.

  145. Rinie says:

    Microsoft Forefront client security also works fine on Windows Server 2008. Microsoft has a x86 and x64 version.

    I”m running Client Version: 1.5.1955.0 on W2K8 x64

  146. David Balažic says:

    I tried to install antivir_workstation_winu_en_h.exe (Avira AntiVir Personal – Free Antivirus on Win2008 Datacenter x64.

    I extracted the exe (using 7-zip) and started basicsetup.exe.
    It complained about server OS and quit.

    Arris: Take a look at this comment and otherwise try the method from Scimitar at the forum. Hope that helps you!

  147. Kyle says:

    Threatfire works not problem

  148. Ewen says:

    Zone Alarm Internet Security 7.1.254 (for Vista) has been fine on Web Server 2008 32-bit for months for me. It has been more stable than it was on XP, actually.

  149. Bryan L says:

    *Installing AVG*

    You need the following things:

    – AVG File Server Installer (Mine is from 27/2/2008, filename: avg_iswt_stf_all_8_81a1271)
    – AVG Trial License
    – Any Normal AVG License

    First run the installer with the trial license, install all updates, keep updating untill it asks for a reboot. Enter the normal AVG license and reboot.

    Voila, you have a working version of AVG on your 2008 server.
    Currently my AVG is version 8.0.156 with virusdatabse version 270.5.6/1573.

    Most recent avg working with random avg 8 serial!

    Hope it works for you guys aswel.

    Bryan L.

  150. fr600 says:

    I’ve been unable to install any Kaspersky on my x86 Server 2008 any way. So, whoever could make it work… why don’t you share your setup exe with us so that we know your words were not flying up.

  151. duicui says:

    Avira AntiVir Personal
    Here is a mod. version of Antivir PE for Windows Server 2008, download, run the basic/setup.exe to install and … update after install, it works fine !!!

  152. Rob says:

    A valid license for NOD32 Antivirus Home Edition works on Business Edition. You will however need to source the Business Edition for it to install on Server 2008 though.

  153. William says:

    Moon Secure Antivirus, (GPL Antivirus) works well under Server 2008 32 bit.

  154. Ed says:

    I followed on post #71, and it work for my KAV for windows 2k server..thanks ice for the brilliant idea..i will be trying the kis the next shot.

  155. s1ay says:

    Agnitum Outpost Security Suite Pro 2008 x64 is good

  156. Rick says:

    , , , , and eventually !

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Full Purchased Version, 64bit,, Antivirus scanner works but protection module doesn’t work

  157. Ed says:

    installing kaspersky 2009 into win2k8 server offers any full protection? i wondering whether i should agree with the post #29.

  158. Josh says:

    Nevermind, I found it in the forums.

  159. Josh says:

    Does anyone know how “anonymous” was able to get Avira working on 32bit using the “ProductOptions” registry permissions trick? I’ve tried a couple of things but almost had to format and reinstall, thankfully “Last known good” saved me from having to do that. Any help would be much appreciated. I really want to run Avira since it has been working great for me on XP.

  160. Robert Plant says:

    Hi admin, notausgang and m8s
    forgot to mention that only eset is on for real time scanning and kav is only for on demand (had problems in the past, so better be on the safe side right?so far this combo is working great though,light on resources and reliable results)and thanx for mentioning shieldsup,had forgotten it(have used it in the past and it’s great) and it reports that everything is ok with eset firewall (all stealth)
    as an alternative take a look at nmap:
    but be careful,it is very powerful and comprehensive but I would not recommend using it on pcs other than your own

    for kaspersky even though it is disabled it does install the binding on the physical network adapter and I have both eset and kaspersky services enabled on this
    I’ve tried to see what’s going on with the physical and the virtual adapter at work (static DNS server-the DNS server assigns dynamically the same IP on the same machine) and at home (static IPs no dns)
    and seems that on physical adapter you don’t change anything (just leave the security (eset/kav/or whatever) bindings enabled and the ms switch enabled, while everything else is disabled) and every other configuration is to be done on the virtual adapter (tcp/ip settings for manual/static IPs etc)

    but what about the QoS Packet Scheduler?
    it is available on the physical but not on the virtual adapter,is it really needed, should it be enabled or what?any clues?

    so the configuration that has worked ok so far is like this

    thanx for all your helps guys,really appreciate it
    and thanx admin once more for your great job
    sse ya

    Arris: I’m glad we can help you! The QoS Packet Scheduler adds support for Quality Of Service in network traffic. That means that the networkadapter keeps track of the priority of the packets that are send over the network and if other packets have an higher priority, like an internetcall that may not stutter, Windows will automatically adjust the transfer speed so the call is not being bothered by your internet traffic. A virtual adapter of course doesn’t need this because it’s only a little piece of software that connects two operating systems on the same machine.

  161. notausgang says:

    For ur security, read the page carefully, many changes should and can be done on Server2008 also. U have to make changes manually, DON’T use the script for any other system then XP/2000!

  162. notausgang says:

    btw, why r u running two virus engines? u should avoid running to different live engines at the same time, choose one and use one only for on demand check.

  163. notausgang says:

    Hi Robert, the services (bindings) for security software should running at the real adapter. so tick the boxes on real adapter. For communication with the virtual adapter u should tick ms virtual network also. u don’t need to tick any other option on virtual adapter then the virtual network.
    For 99% of internets daily work u just need the simple tcp/ip4 protocol, (in future hopefully more tcp/ipv6) nothing else. Its a mess whats installed by default.

    Take a closer look here,, just for understanding the networkbindings and for ur own security.

  164. Robert Plant says:

    Heye notausgang
    been wondering about this myself
    on server x64 I’ve installed eset smart security 3.0.667 and Kaspersky antivirus 2009 ( before hyper-v

    they both install bindings on network adapters (for the physical adapter but not for the hyper-v virtual adapter)
    eset: Eset Personal Firewall
    kaspersky: Kaspersky Anti-Virus NDIS 6 Filter

    when adding an external network adapter on hyper-v,
    hyper-v installs the virtual adapter wich is bound – switched to the physical adapter
    the bindings of the physical adapter are automatically disabled (unchecked), ie tcpip,client fot ms networks as well as eset and kaspersky bindings are disabled, with just the ms virtual network switch enabled
    my question is: if disabled do they protect the physical as well as the virtual connection?
    is the physical connection protected with firewall/antivirus?
    why is everything automatically disabled?should we enabe it afterwards?
    what is the right configuration?which bindings should be enabled on the physical adapter so the connection is protected while maintaining the communication with the vm?
    if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated

  165. notausgang says:

    Eset Smart Security Business Edition v3 works fine on x64.
    Caution, if u install Hyper-V also, install it AFTER the security suite. ESS generates a virtual networkadapter. If u install Hyper-V before, ESS only installs in virtual adapter of Hyper-V and doesn’t generate one for ur real connection.
    To make sure service is correctly installed check ur networkadapter properties. Eset Service must be installed. Also go to and do a enhanced portscan with shieldsup. If it shows stealthed, ur fine.

  166. notausgang says:

    Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro v. 6 doesn#t work for me on Server2008 32bit. Neither in user account nor in admin account. tells me AFW.SYS could not be loaded.
    Firewall GUI is started, tells me its workin, but it isn’t actually. Its only the GUI loaded. Any congestions how to fix that?
    Btw, thx for ur great tutorial ‘n website 😀

    Don’t complain ’bout my english, i know its bad heh

    Arris: Added it to the list. It might help to disable driver signing etc. See this topic for two bcdedit commands that might help.

  167. Robert Plant says:

    OK thanx Ice and Admin,
    Kaspersky 2009 ( is working just fine with your fix
    and feels like it’s not such a resource hog as v7
    thanx all for your help

  168. speedgamer says:

    I take it back bitDefender free’s rootkit scanner doesnt work and the shell integration doesnt work so it a pain to scan individual files. personally i no longer think that its worth the trouble.

  169. Raj says:

    There is a problem with Zonealarm (Free edition) when installed on 32 bit Win 2008. .. Maybe somebody else can confirm what I am seeing..
    a) Install Win 2008 and Zonealarm (Free edition)
    b) Enable Remote Desktop on 2008 server
    c) Log on to the server
    d) Connect to the server using Remote Desktop from any other PC (e.g XP box)
    e) Close the Remote Desktop app from the XP box
    f) Log back on to Win 2008
    g) Win 2008 HANGS and shows only “Welcome” screen with blue background FOREVER..


  170. speedgamer says:

    BitDefender Free works, after the msi extraction and patch on x64

    its not listed above. BitDefender free is just an on demand scanning engine like clamwin, but it much better at finding things. VirusTestReference:

  171. darkko says:

    We have a WS 2008 server with Server Intellect. They have McAfee server edition install and running smoothly on our server. Runs good and doesn’t interfere to much with our resources during scans.

  172. TheUnaPoster says:


    I tried your msi fix on KIS2009 and have had no issues on Server 2008 x64.

    And KIS doesn’t suck up 100% off my cpu and ram.

  173. thorox says:

    OK, after a restart it worked!!
    Thanks!! 😀

  174. thorox says:

    I tried but it doesn’t works….
    “Property ErrorIncompatibleOSTypeShow”

  175. Ice says:

    I am running Kaspersky 2009 ( with no problems at all (Server 2008 Enterprise x64). For me, it has been better than

    I have also modified the MSI Fix to work with this new version. available here:
    I have not tried the MSI fix on KIS.

    MSI Fix

    Install 7-Zip if you don’t have it installed already.
    Download and save it.
    Go to its location, right click it: 7-Zip -> Extract
    Go to where you extracted it and download/extract MSI fix into same folder.
    Drag kav.en.msi over “Fix MSI.vbs”.
    Run kav.en.msi.
    Enjoy. =)

  176. Robert Plant says:

    Admin thanks for the quick response
    you’ve been great from the start m8
    been checking back here almost daily for any news
    as far as kaspersky 2009 is concerned I don’t think I’m willing to
    sacrifice stability so I’m sticking with v7 for now
    been running eset smart security business for firewall/antivirus
    and kaspersky antivirus v7 for crosschecking
    on datacenter x64 for a while now and I’m quite pleased (rock solid)
    if anyone has to offer a better combo is more than welcomed
    also be sure to check wu as there are currently some nasty
    vurnelability stuff going round

    keep up the great work

    Arris: Thanks for the compliments! 🙂 Hope someone will find a workaround/fix to get it working on Windows Server 2008! 😉

  177. Anonymous says:

    Avira AntiVir Personal Edition installed and working on Enterprise x86 using the “ProductOptions” registry permissions trick.

    Still working after removing the mod.

  178. SbreAch says:

    Symantec Corporate Antivirus 10 Corporate Edition for 64bit

    I could only get this to work after using the trick found on

    After the changing the MSI to allow it to install, it worked fine and im just finishing live update.

  179. Robert Plant says:

    Hey to all,
    anybody figured out how to get Kaspersky 2009 to work?
    I am using server 2k8 x64 and had succesfully installed Kaspersky 7
    using the msifix(i think post #25)but had no luck with kaspersky 2009
    has anybody done it so far?
    thanx for all your help, appreciated…

    Arris: See topic kaspersky anti-virus 2009 at the forum.

  180. Bryan says:

    UPDATE – Outpost Security Suite Pro – Firewall / antivirus / antimalware, etc, installs and works on x64 (it’s a 64 bit program)

  181. Bryan says:

    Firewall – Outpost Pro installs and works on x64

  182. Shanedog says:

    If you have purchased AVG 8.0 and your license is still valid you can install AVG server edition and use your AVG 8.0 license info to activate the server edition (I didn’t think it’d work, but I tried it and yes, it does work).

    I only had a license for 8.0, but I am running server edition on Server 2008 x64 using my AVG 8.0 license. It’s working great!

  183. avira antivir file server edition AND
    ikarus antivirus (german based using kaspersky engine (i think – correct me if i’m wrong)


    installing and working properly

  184. @All

    can anyone suggest which antivirus is best for server 2008
    i just wished avast/ca/avg/kaspersky is working smoothly 🙁

  185. @Admin:
    correction CA Antivirus r8/2008 is not installing therefore not working at Server 2008 🙁

    i’ve been torturing my laptop to search the best security software for server 2008
    Avast/CA/Avira – not working
    NOD32/McAfee – missing all obvious malware/antivirus
    Symantec Antivirus/bitdefender – resource hog
    AVG Network/Avast Server/Kaspersky – license difficulties

  186. AVG 8.0 Network Edition – 32bit working fine

  187. CA Antivirus r8 / 2008 – 32bit

    not installing (even through tortures 🙂 you know that already)

  188. bitdefender antivirus 2008 [using 32-bit]

    can be installed using the MSI fix
    but could lag and slow down server 2008

  189. the bazman says:

    superantispyware 4 and malwarebytes anti work on x86 to

    soz about double post

  190. the bazman says:

    sandboxie and spyware doctor 5.5 work also

  191. @WizardS

    actually yes I did that
    here’s what I got
    oh too bad, I wanted to install avast it seems better than nod32 in detections Y_Y

    29.05.2008 08:34:04 general: Started: 29.05.2008, 08:34:04
    29.05.2008 08:34:04 general: Running setup_av_pro-4b1 (1201)
    29.05.2008 08:34:04 system: Operating system: Windows Vista ver 6.0, build 6001, sp 1.0 [Service Pack 1] SERVER
    29.05.2008 08:34:04 system: Memory: 37% load. Phys:1224708/1964696K free, Page:3525636/4176460K free, Virt:2031900/2097024K free
    29.05.2008 08:34:04 system: Computer WinName: RAGE
    29.05.2008 08:34:04 system: Windows Net User: RAGEAdministrator
    29.05.2008 08:34:04 general: Cmdline: /sfx /sfxstorage “” /srcpath “C:UsersADMINI~1Desktop”
    29.05.2008 08:34:04 general: DldSrc set to sfx
    29.05.2008 08:34:04 general: Old version: ffffffff (-1)
    29.05.2008 08:34:04 general: Install check: SetupVersion does NOT exist
    29.05.2008 08:34:04 general: SGW32P::CheckIfInstalled set m_bAlreadyInstalled to 0
    29.05.2008 08:34:04 registry: Get registry: SoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerVersion=7.0.6001.18000
    29.05.2008 08:34:04 general: Err:Your operating system does not meet the minimum requirements. You can install avast! only on Windows NT4 with Service Pack 4 or higher. It cannot be installed on NT Server.

  192. WizardS says:


    Nothing really. Just downloaded the latest version from their homepage.

  193. @WizardS

    how did you installed Avast home/professional coz, I’m also running Server 08 x86 doesn’t work, operating system not supported Y_Y

  194. the bazman says:

    Twister av works on x86 im using it right now.
    you might not hav heard of it but u soon will

  195. Mark4Dead says:

    Admin, Kaspersky Internet Security 7 work on Win2k8, but require .msi patching. Since I have it install, I know for sure it work. (I am using Win2k8 x86)

  196. WizardS says:

    Just wanted to say that, the newest version of Avast 4.8.1201 Home/Professional, is working just fine. No installation problems at all. Running like a dream 😉

    Btw, running x86

  197. Tim McCracken says:

    Thanks to Ice and freelancerage for my Kaspersky works very fine and great on my win 2k8 Server x86!

    Works great!


  198. Patt says:

    Eset business smart security doesnt seem to work on my 64bit version. Is there some sort of special procedure for installing?

    Arris: The Business Editions of Eset AntiVirus and Eset Smart Security with the right architecture [x86|x64] install fine on Windows Server 2008. Just tested them in Hyper-V. What error do you get when installing?

  199. ShapeR says:

    It didnt work to unpack the downloaded exe file and run the basic/setup.exe for me. x86. Avira 8.

  200. edmund says:

    Avira AntiVir Personal
    Just installed it on my 2008 64 bit. You just need to unpack the downloaded exe file and run the basic/setup.exe.

  201. Ben says:

    Trend Micro Internet Security x64 working fine on Server 2008 x64

  202. Virtualism says:

    Eset NOD32 Smart Security 3.0.650.0 Business edition works.

  203. sniper69 says:

    Post #25
    i tried install the KIS but failed says that the OS not supported and on top of that, the setup didn’t even extracted to C:KAV…
    btw, i’m using Windows Server 2008 x86

  204. Sore says:

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus Internet Security Pre TR – Working perfect!

  205. goshi says:

    Jetico Personal Firewall

  206. freelancerage says:


    alert on Kaspersky anti-virus 6.0
    before making the 1st update, DO NOT UPDATE THE APPLICATION MODULES
    Stop any running updates,
    go to Kaspersky > Settings > Updates > UNCHECK Update Application Modules


  207. freelancerage says:

    Kaspersky Antvirus
    working on Windows Server 2008 thanks to Ice [post #25]

    to bypass OS Check download this:
    instructions: follow post #25 [Ice]

    thanks to Ice again

    * run kaspersky antivirus 6.0 installer
    * save the installation to your desktop or any folder that u could easily locate
    * drag the MSI installer file to the downloaded MSI FIX VBS
    * after prompts, run the kaspersky MSI installer

  208. arg4 says:

    For NOD32, buy (or use existing home version) licence then on the Eset website, there is the option to Migrate your licence to the Business version. Will cost less than 5x Business licences new 🙂

  209. Capitanharlock says:

    I have to add that unfortunately Avast home will install but won’t work.

    Too bad.

  210. Capitanharlock says:

    To install Avast home (the free edition won’t infringe any copyright since we’re using Win 2008 server as a workstation), just select the Win 98 compatibility and ignore the “Internet explore” error.

  211. Valtam says:

    Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition v10.2.276 working well here (32bit)

  212. robert says:

    , , ,

    ZoneAlarm Antivirus
    just the antivirus without firewall etc
    version 7.1 for Vista won’t install on x64 architecture
    version 7.0 for XP won’t install at all

  213. Lars says:

    PC Tools AntiVirus 4.0 runs nativly on the server 2008 without using compatibily mode or other tricks. But, you are right there is no 100% security, but I’m feeling better if there is a antivirus software installed, becuase it’s windows. ;-D

  214. Eric says:

    Anti-virus software is effective because it “integrates” (can’t think of the right word at the moment) into your system. That being said, aren’t you kinda defeating the purpose if you’re running it in XP compatibility mode? Sure, it loads fine, but is it really providing any protection? This is just like those people who slap alarm stickers on their cars and security monitoring signs in their yards when, in fact, there is really no security system. Sure, it gives you a sense of security, and it may deter some criminals, but beyond that, it’s useless. Call me crazy I guess…

  215. Lars says:

    PC Tools AntiVirus 4.0 Free Edition finds the test virus all the time. So I hope there will be a real sercurity.

  216. krom12 says:

    I have just installed zonealarm firewall (free edition) on w2k8 server workstation,its fine on the 32bit but wont install on the 64bit

  217. Ice says:

    I have now successfully installed Kaspersky on Server 2008 x64. I modified the VB script linked by sky_dynasty_ in the Unreal Tournament 3 comments. This should work on x86 as well.

    For those who want it:

    Run kav7.0.1.325en.exe and extract to folder(Ex. C:kavkav7).
    Copy script (Fix MSI.vbs) into folder and drag kav.en.msi onto it and after it is done, you should be able to install it with no problems.

    Enjoy! =]

    Arris: Nice trick! Also read this reply about a warning relating program components updates…

  218. Lars says:

    PC Tools AntiVirus 4.0 Free Edition seems to work under Server 2008 Standard x86.
    No error during installation, automatic update will work fine, but I dont’t know if there is an realy protection. 😉

    Arris: Thanks! You can test the AntiVirus with a test virus. See Test your Anti-Virus with Eicar’s fake virus code for more info. 😉

  219. Mark says:

    Some more info. The 30 day trial of Bit Defender installs ok on Windows Server 2008 64bit. It provides antivirus, antispam, firewall etc, the full monty.

    I used this software many years ago on Windows 98 but stopped bacause of bad reviews. If anybody can post there opinion on recent versions I would be very grateful.

  220. Mark says:

    It would help alot if posters could kindly state if they are running the 32bit or 64bit version of Windows Server 2008. This does make a huge difference when discussing anti-virus and firewall software Thanks.

    Spy Bot Search & Destroy seems to work on Windows Server 2008 64bit.

    P.S. Many thanks to you for an excellent site.

  221. Ice says:

    ^ I am unable to get Kaspersky 7 working in Server 2008 as well.

  222. arthuran says:

    I try many time, Kaspersky any version not work in Windows Server 2008. = =”

  223. Andrew says:

    ESET Smart Security / NOD32 Home won’t work. The Business edition is fine, but only comes in packs for 5+ machines. NOD32 version 2 will install (and was licensed) on server OSs (I ran it on W2k3). This is still available for download, though I’m not sure if a new licence would cover server use, or if a newly purchased key would work with the old version.

  224. Raspy says:

    Technically you can get the Latest version of Comodo Pro to work by running it in XP SP2 Compatability mode, but the Network Firewall wont work and Defense+ will nag alot. If there was a Windows Vista Compatability mode for Windows Server 2008 I bet it would work alot better. ^-^

  225. uni says:

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Servers Enterprise Edition is a good choice .

  226. ph03n!x says:

    McAfe Enterprise Edition 8.5 works fine – even the Anti-Spam add-in works!

  227. krom12 says:

    has anybody tried ClamWin? i installed it and it works fine its not fancy but it does the job and its a FREE opensource tool
    have fun.

  228. sps says:

    Pctools firewall Free!
    Finally I found a free firewall, working good so far…

  229. re*s.t.a.r.s.*2 says:

    Hi , yes the version I used in compatibility option is
    I unpacked and got 3 files out of it, Kav.en.msi , setup.exe (this I used compatibility mode) and a last file called setup.reg , installer would hang trying to download the most uptodate setup file, clicked cancel and then proceed to install as normal, work just fine no problem at all, fast as ussual….

    Hope you can duplicate this….

    here is pics of it:

    Arris: Thanks for your reply. I will try installing kav7.0.1.321en.exe next week as soon as I have Hyper-V working!
    Arris Edit: Tried installing kav7.0.1.321en.exe (25.82 MB) but got this result. Maybe you are using a pro/business edition and I use a home edition?

  230. sps says:

    Latest Comodo Firewall installs fine in compatibility mode (xp sp2), seem to work fine too, however it reports some errors and it can’t fix by itself, me neither, lol!

  231. re*s.t.a.r.s.*2 says:

    Hi just to remak, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7.0 works with OS 2008, you have to use compatibily to make it think you are in XP sp2.

    Best regards

    Arris: What executable do I need to run in compitibility mode? I tried running kav7.0.0.125en.exe in compatability mode, and tried the unpacked C:kavkav7.0englishsetup.exe, but both still say that win2008 is not supported.

  232. LaZ says:

    anyone tried ZoneAlarm Internet Security with Win2k8?

  233. Triel says:

    I have found that even the paid versions of AVG will not install in Server 2008, except the server versions.

    I just tested AVG 8 and got the same message about it not installing on a server platform.

  234. Bucket says:

    Symantec Corporate Anti Virus (Vista client install) works.
    I use the 64 bit version.

  235. gerinho says:

    Kerio WinRoute Firewall works

  236. hebgbs says:

    Trend Micro’s OfficeScan works great.

  237. Bucket says:

    The new Symantec AV – Symantec Endpoint Protection installs fine and works perfectly on Server 2008.

  238. cyb says:

    Comodo Firewall won’t install on a server system as well

  239. cyn says:

    The popular free scanners like Avast, AVG and AntiVir won’t install on a server system. I am using Sophos right now, but it can slow down the system a lot..

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