Windows 8 Default Apps

The default Windows 8 Start screen is shown below. Click the tile on the screen to view more details about the application. If you are visiting this page using Internet Explorer in Windows Server 2012, you will be provided with a direct link to the Windows Store to download the Application.


Continue to get Internet Explorer with Windows 8 interface. If you have already done this, install dll’s required for some games and applications from this page

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14 Responses

  1. Giskard says:

    The Photos app is no more available from the store. Does someone know where to get it?

  2. Leigh Marsh says:

    I noticed that the OneDrive “app” shows compatibility with Win 8.1, what I have is Win 2012 R2.

    I was able to install the program from the M$ site, but it is not the same! ๐Ÿ™

  3. Jack says:

    Hey, I’m trying to install the Xbox Games and Video apps, and when I click install nothing happens. The install button greys out for a few seconds then turns back to normal and they don’t install. Could someone help me with this please?

  4. Esteban says:

    hey man there’s another buggy.. looking for the facebook app in the store, you can only download the “facebook pro” app, which is rubbish compared to the normal facebook app.. any workaround?

  5. artur says:

    Can’t get the photos to install, will not show up in store.

  6. Sourav Bagchi says:

    I have just installed Photo, Music & Video apps from windows app store. Though I add all photos, musics & videos to the libraries, but these apps cannot find any data from libraries. I have reinstalled these apps but no work.. Please help….

    • river says:

      Photo, Music & Video apps are depending on windows search service, you should first enable it at the server manager, then manually add index location of libraries.

  7. Naiz says:

    Hi friends i install windows server2012 after completed install msg come on screen built in administrator account password asking any body help me out this prb

  8. Prayaas says:

    The links to the Xbox Music, Xbox Games and Xbox Videos apps are supported only on Windows RT (ARM). I can’t install them. It tells me that I don’t meet the requirements, because its for ARM, I checked. Can you get me proper links, please?

    • Arris says:

      Thanks for your comment, you are right. I unfortunately cannot find these apps for x86/x64 either… Because all other linked apps at the Details page show compatibility with all of x86 (32bit), x64 (64bit) and arm (tablets), I assume in this case there isn’t a separate page available for these apps either. Either Microsoft accidentally altered the compatibility checkboxes in the Windows Store pages or these apps haven’t been updated for x86/x64 yet and therefore haven’t appeared in the Windows Store. I’ll leave the links as they are and wait for developments on this issue; the App pages in the Windows Store might update such that it is also possible to install them on x86/x64.

  9. Tomacci says:

    Hi all,
    I clicked on the following links, and it looks like that MS gradually retiring the previews of the apps, since the real store will go live in a couple of weeks

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